A Cool Morning in the Mile High City to The Emerald City

Denver to Seattle

Hey guys! Today, I flew with my friend @SunDown from Denver to Seattle. Although one of us didn’t make it all the way, it was still a fun flight, and I grabbed some nice screenshots. Flown with the Southwest 737-800 (Heart), the flight spanned about two and a half hours. Thanks to the controllers (@EpicNYC04, @MilkTea) for guiding me through the airspaces and the ground. Onto the photos!

Flight details

Aircraft: Southwest 737-800 (Heart)
Server: Expert

Loading up our passengers for our departure to Seattle

After a long takeoff roll, blasting off runway 17R

Passing over Denver on our turn North

Cruising high over the plains of Idaho Falls

The mountains turn to fields as we enter Oregon

Passing the snow-capped mountains of Washington

Passing over Seattle on our overhead approach

On final for 16R

Having a bit of a stare down with @Carolina_Taylor while I wait for her to move so I can park :)

The beautiful 737-800 wingtips with the sharp Heart tail

Thanks for reading! Which was your favorite?

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gotta fix that poll t y l e r

also surprise surprise, Carolina in a 787-10 who would’ve guessed lmao

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Love the rotation picture and the split scimitar picture! Brilliant photos!

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Well I can’t without removing your answers, S u h a s. I’ll just keep it for now.

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Ah I see me!😂😊

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Nice shots my guy, thanks for coming through Denver today :)

If this wasn’t taken at the C concourse I’ll be mad

I mean 17R isn’t used too often for takeoffs but cool

What SID is this? I don’t recall a SID looking like this lol

I mean I like my realistic Denver, which is why I pointed it out lol

A. I used gate C29. :)
B. oopsies
C. I don’t remember, I just followed @SunDown… 😂

correction, its not the mile high city it is the “I cant breathe here city”