A cool idea for the devs…

So. I’ve been playing a game called “World of airports” recently, where you essentially operate airports across the globe, but there is a very cool feature to it. You can build your own airline, with your own routes, up to date demand data and most importantly your own livery.

Now, wouldn’t it be cool if Infinite flight implemented the ability to design your own livery to fly across the globe, in a similar fashion to “world of airports”?

In all honesty the design your own livery feature would make the sim feel tacky and unrealistic. There’s plenty of other sims that offer the feature, none of which I rate particularly highly.


The closest we might get some day is this. You wouldn’t be able to create your own custom livery, but rather it would give everyone (or a select group of individuals) the ability to add real world liveries into the sim.