A controversial question

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I have got a rather controversial question for you all which I am curious to hear your opinion about. Tonight it was announced that IF will introduce the E190 into the sim. We have seen IF add multiple variants of aircraft into the sim including the A330-300 and A330neo. However why isn’t the Airbus A350-1000 added into the sim? I have seen multiple questions for this aircraft yet it’s not been added. I don’t want to seem ungrateful or anything however why hasn’t it been added? The A350-900 and the A350-1000 share a common airframe with only minor differences so I’m curious to see why this hasn’t been added?

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That is not true, we’ve known about the E190 rework since they started on the E175.


The way I see it, the A330-300 and the A330-900 has minimal differences. By this, I also mean that it has the same width, height, length, and other performance aspects. From what I’m able to gather, the only difference would be between the engine models and winglets, and from a physics perspective, an increased MTOW and perhaps weight loading changes.

That’s not to say the difference between the A350-900 and A350-1000 isn’t small either, for the most parts, the differences are minimal, however, the added length, completely new landing gear set and fuselage dimensions would mean that a completely different fuselage model would have to be designed in house. These changes, while small to the naked eye, are actually pretty significant once you get into the nitty-gritty aspects.

Hope this answers your questions.


From the A350 feature post, hope this helps! I think I followed the rules of Jason with these words. “If you see someone asking please direct them to this exact response”
So as iʻve now done what Jason has asked, this may be closed thanks to this answer.

Closed for what reason? I thought the point of the forum is to create a discussion no?


Yes but the question was answered and this is basically asking if the -1000 would be added. Ive answered that question and redirected him to Jasonʻs post telling people to redirect exactly as I’ve done.

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I think my post is rather misunderstood. I have read the response from Jason multiple times. My question is the following, why isn’t the A350-1000 being added when they have all the blueprints etc? There really isn’t much work to add to the -1000. The flight deck is pretty much the same, it’s just minor differences including stretching the fuselage my a couple of metres, adding a few extra wheels and making the engines slightly more powerful. That can be completed rather quickly.

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You are severely underestimating there…it is anything but a simple job. With a longer aircraft and bigger engines come different physics - which take a while to get right.

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That’s basically asking why is there no A220-100 when we already have the -300.

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This doesn’t apply just to the A350-1000. It applies to the A330-200, B757-300, B767-300 and the list goes on. Its just the way IF does it.


Yes, excatly! So thats the reason Ive redirected to Jasonʻs post.

When a new aircraft family gets added/reworked, the devs usually focus on the variant that is the most popular.

In the case of the E175 and E190 its slightly different because the E175 is primarily used in North America whereas the E190 is used more globally. In an effort to increase diversity, they decided to do both.


How do you suggest they devs go about stretching the fuselage? Do you know what programs or 3D editing tools and functions they can use? Do they need to stretch it, or add a section in the middle? Will this affect how the wings attach, or where windows and doors are placed?

How easy is it to add a few extra wheels? Surely those wheels need to attach to the landing gear assembly, which needs to be researched and modeled as well.

New engines would need to be modeled as well. How long will that take?

Are the wings the same between the -900 and -1000? I believe the wingtips are different, at least.

I don’t mean to be rude, just to ask you a question about your statement. You say this can all be done rather quickly. How do you know that?

I think it’s very easy to miss the intricacies of software development and how quickly minor-seeming changes can snowball into massive projects. Something that seems “quick” from the outside, but hasn’t been acted on, probably isn’t all that quick. Minor differences to an IRL airframe doesn’t mean minor differences to a 3D model.

Infinite Flight have shown they’ll add extra things when it’s straightforward to do so — see the A330 and the NEO, where the only differences are 1) wingtips, 2) an additional engine type, and 3) the flight model.

I believe we’re getting two models of the EJets because there are 4 existing models, and the devs want to find a nice middle ground for all of us. Reworking 4 models would be time intensive, reworking just 1 would leave a lot of people missing the 3 removed models.

So to answer your question (and to be clear, I’m not involved with Infinite Flight development), the A350-1000 hasn’t been added because it is not as simple to do as it might appear.


Nope. -900 and -1000 have different wings.

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You kind of got to think about what you’re using your A350-1000 for. E175 and E190 share very few operators. A majority of E175 operators aren’t flying E190s and there are very few E190 operators flying E175s. Of all the -1000’s customers, all but 4 of them (there are 11 total) are flying -900s (and most of those -900s are in game already). Of the four -1000 exclusive operators, they all share a common thread: BA, VS, QF, and EY all already have about 100 long haul aircraft in game that they often swap in/out for A350s or have multiple routes serving a destination, of which only one is an A350.

The routes these E-Jets serve are often the only one by that airline because they’re smaller, skinnier, regional style routes that don’t require another plane because the demand just isn’t there. You omit the -1000 you barely lose anything. You omit either the E175 or the E190 and you lose a lot.

Oh and regarding the A330 NEO, you’ll probably bring up that the operators are basically shared and you’d be correct. However the NEO is literally an engine swap, winglets, and a mask away from being a -300 so I suspect there wasn’t any serious development work there (it even runs the same fuel burn at the same weights so I suspect the profile wasn’t changed there either). Stretching a -900 into a -1000 and redoing the entire wingbox and fuselage is not worth it just so a few major airlines can add another long hauler into their 5+ strong Infinite Flight fleets.


I think we have to give the developers time, otherwise we will get an RFS quality aircraft… But since it’s been 3 years now and we have no news of the A350-1000, I think the developers should let users create a new feature request.
My opinion

Isn’t it better to put the votes on things that matters and actually have a fair chance of making it?

The A350-1000 serves no purpose in Infinite Flight right now.

So don’t make users think it could happen.

We don’t. Which is why the request is closed.

So don’t say that.