A controller spammed a frequency on the training server

Hey guys, new to the forum and the game, only around 150hrs logged, i prefer to fly on training server most of the time due to the choice of region and less pressure being involved but I’m wondering how we’re supposed to deal with people being toxic or trolling in a tower position or even another aircraft spamming controls?

Flying into KSEA not 10 Mins ago I had a controller spam me and other aircraft with so many commands, it begun to glitch out my device and i nose dived out of the air, gaining a violation in the process, now i know its probably tough toenails about the violation as I’m sure it cannot be reversed, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to report people like this as its pretty obvious this is in malicious intent and not just a new controller figuring things out?

I do have photos of the controller and the incident if that helps. Would just need to transfer them over to my computer, thanks in advance. Cactus 42

Well theirs no need for toxic controllers they all dont know what there doing. Theres also no way to stop this as TS controllers are not trained. Fly on expert if you want to have pro controlling

Hey, the only way to avoid this is to fly on expert only, where this will never happen.

Also, I moved this to #atc as #support is for in app issues :)


Another TS post. I’ll give it to you straight. It will never change. There is no way to regulate it. If you do not like TS controllers, then your only choice is expert. Sorry.

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Also if you have picture look at their name and try to PM them on IFC if they are them tell them what to improve on. I would do that before anything else. And if there not then theres nothing you can do but work for expert

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You could potentially watch for people to open tracking threads (I have one open now). In theory everyone opening a tracking thread is working toward joining IFATC. If nothing else, they must be reasonably serious about controlling.

This is probably more interesting if you are interested in pattern work vs. just a single departure / arrival.


Also I have flown quite a bit on training. I encounter a few bad controllers (just learning), a decent number of mediocre controllers and quite a few good controllers. Sometimes even excellent controllers on approach. I have never had an experience like your where someone is apparently being malicious.

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It seems like a lot of people are mistaking this as another post about a crappy controller, this is more or less giving the same command 9 times in a single second and then moving to the next aircraft and doing the same thing…

Yea, i can totally deal with a guy thats just learning or maybe hasnt read the handbook, its whem theyre going out of their way to make someone have a bad time i wish there was a report button.

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Appreciate the move over, honestly i felt like this could fit in almost 3 categories but didnt know what to choose.

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For The most professional ATC and Pilots fly expert server

If you don’t like TS ATC and can’t access expert casual it is keep in mind no ATC there

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If you ever have a problem with a controller spamming a frequency, take your screenshots and send them to a moderator. :)


i do have screenshots, who should i message?

Message @Tyler_Shelton he’s the Community ATC Leader.

So now let’s assume we’ve dealt with the controller…

I do see you are new on this forum, and it’s great that you are here.
Unless you have learned how to fly around controlled airports in real life, or on another forum, I do hope that you take the time to go through the #tutorials section. You may encounter a good ATC on Training Server (and I know they are there), and you do want to make sure you understand and follow their instructions.

On YouTube, there a entire series of Inifinite Flight training videos.

Enjoy! 😊


They can also be found in the #tutorials:atc category

ive read the tutorials as well as real life experience. so i dont expect what i would in real life, i know its a phone game, just at least trying. thanks for the input.

I think you will be pleased once you get to expert. Not perfect, but definitely solid. And fun. My only complaint on expert is that ATC isn’t better staffed. Hence I am looking to join IFATC to help out on the controller side.

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