A concerning trend

The C17 would have been a pretty good compromise:

  • Feels like an airliner, even has a cockpit that looks like an airliner cockpit.
  • Needs a rework really bad
  • Would satisfy the Military part of the community
  • Loads of new routes
  • Four engines

There are some reasons why its hard to add military aircraft.

1.) Some aircraft with its data are classified ( depends aircraft type)

2.) aerobatics / making some stunt are only in casual or training server. GA / commercial events are more often in Expert server.

3.) Military are more complicated it needs more special training or practices to fly an military aircraft unlike private and commercial pilot it’s more easy.

you absolutely missed my point lol…

if the data wouldn’t be available, the Aircrafts would not have been addet in first place…Aerobatics and stunts isnt the only thing you can do with those aircrafts and this is a sim, not reallife, you can learn everything if you want…

As I said, I know this is a niche market which does not amaze everyone, but it still does for some people and its kind of unfair to just say “we” didn’t want them since there are people who want them

thats not fully true… the main reason for the -100 was to replace the older BAe146 Aircrafts. The Steep Approach Certification for sure was another reason but absolutely not the only reason… Swiss offers many flights to London Heathrow a day (pre covid) and with Helvetic (Wetleasepartner of Swiss) serving also daily flights to London City using an E-Jet would have made it possible for Swiss to cancel the LCY route. Allthough I’m happy they didn’t. I’ve flown that route to LCY on the A220 and its for sure one of my Favourite Flights