A concerning trend

I would agree with this. However I’m wondering what you are personally more concerned about. Is it:

  1. The lack of reworking old aircraft that badly need it
  2. The lack of love for smaller regional aircraft (E-jet, CRJ, etc.)

Those two concerns conflict in a way.

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We redid the Decathlon and replaced it with an xCub only to hear, “who the heck asked for that!”

So yes, we went down that road too. :)


Yes. Really agree

I don’t know about you but I still miss the decathlon 🥵


Probably has more to do with the fact that it’s Ga. Still a niche part of the community.

I’d say that they are not mutually exclusive. I pointed out the A220 vs the E-jets because, as much as I love both aircraft, I personally felt that the E-jets deserve better since it is older and has been neglected for a long time.

This would apply to most aircraft that are not typical widebodies especially since they tend to get left out especially the old military fleet e.g the C-17s, F14s etc.

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People aren’t „forgetting“ about it, they simply don’t want it.

You’re probably right, though it still doesn’t mean we get to go “do it this way… but only with this type/category of aircraft”. We filled a void in the sim and diversified our aircraft fleet in a meaningful way when the Cub was added. Just thinking about the timeline, keep in mind that when that decision was being made we just had A10 and KC10. Had we done a C17 instead it would be similar comments that we are seeing now such as, “that is three military in a row! Why isn’t the A330 being rebuilt?!”

It’s one heck of a cycle. Either way, this was a fair question presented to the community and they’ve spoken! Rest assured the team has a few things in mind for the future that’ll continue to satisfy the corner of our audience that appreciates flying anything other than 12 hour hauls between the same 20 airports.

I really appreciate all of the input thus far!


Tbh I completely feel for you mate cause idk even know why A330 was even considered a vote in the first place since its had two reworks already within 3 year frame and people should of been happy with it. What we should be focusing on is whats really at stake here which is introducing some new aircraft and reworking some of the older aircraft which aren’t barely flyable at all!

Not the -300. The only reason Swiss has the -100 is because it has the approval for London City and Florence.

Couldn’t agree more!

Personally like flying GA once in a while so I don’t mind. Don’t mind the A330 either but it’s definitely not the greatest outcome for all of use who are getting bored of long-haul. Good to know that the other parts of the community are being heard tho!

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What’s tough about putting stuff to a vote is unless there is a landslide you will have many disappointed people. The way I see it is some day all planes will be reworked so in the end it will be okay.

You forgot Air Senegal :)

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And the e-jet’s don’t have the new winglets which are used most of the time on the E175, and don’t even have major American carriers on the E175 such as Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, or even United. Also, adding either the new United livery on the CRJ-200 or E175, the one that’s most used today(it’s not even that new(the continental livery)) to the game can open up many small airports for flights, such as Eureka(KACV) which is one of my favorites to fly to. It doesn’t even have the E-190 for Aeromexico which is a MAJOR part of their fleet. All i’m saying is, we need the UA livery(not the old tulip one) for the CRJ-200, and a very serious rework for the e-jets

The reason why I choose the A220 is that they won’t add A330 Neo and eventually all the planes will be reworked step by step.

The stats will tell you everything. Commercial is the biggest community with or without VA/VO.

just because YOU don’t want it does not mean, is should be neglected over and over again… there are always people enjoying a rework of a not so usual Aircraft like Military, or the xCub which also was not a wish from the mayority… still loved by a few… step out of your comfort zone

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As many know about me.

I only have a few desires for IF:

  • Saab 2000/340
  • BAe 146
  • Dornier 328 & 328JET
  • ATR Family
  • King Air
  • Fokker 70
  • Live cockpit on CRJ & Dash8

But alas I know that I am highly unlikely to get any of these. This is true regional flying to me. Not the E Jets or the A220. Alas, I am but in a minority and I accept that.

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yeah, but its still a part of this sim… why offeri g this niche in here when no love is given to it? I know people who almost only fly Military since years and had no Reworks od additions in Years…
not taking the KC-10 or the TBM-French air force in accout since those just were a single livery in a commercial respectively a GA Update

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The dream, 717 rework would be nice as well

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