A concerning trend

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I write this out of concern of a new trend. We have seen old aircraft being reworked over the years e.g the CRJ, the A330(proposed), the 757(also proposed) and the 777 family.

However, in as much there has been a fair bit of work on old models, the rest of the family has been left abandoned e.g the E-jets, the A340, the 767 as well as the 747 (surprisingly).

Fast forward to November 2020, we have an opportunity to vote for new aircraft to be reworked. The 747, 767 and E-jets are among the featured aircraft. On the other hand, the A220 is among the proposed clean-sheet versions to be introduced. Votes are cast and we are left with the A330 vs the A220.

Fast forward to this evening, the votes are revealed and the A330 marginally wins, but the A220 camp isn’t too pleased as the variety of regional aircraft is dwindling.

Many reasonable reasons were given for voting for the A330, with the main ones being that it’s an old aircraft and the variety of liveries is robust. On the other hand, the A220 voters wondered why many would vote for a long-hauler instead of a regional aircraft. IMO, the A220-300 isn’t a regional as its of a similar size as the A319 and the 737-700.

In the corner, in the first round, we had the E-jets, which with its variety of liveries and ability to land at smaller airfields like London-City would have done the job. Either way, at the bend of the day, everyone’s decision has to be respected.

My question is, considering that aircraft selection is based purely on user votes and the fact that there are many new users here, does it mean that the likes of the E-jet, 767, 747 would never get reworked?

One proposal I have in mind is if it is possible to allow 3rd party developers to work on the aircraft, maybe similar to how we have the IFAET, considering the depth of talent in this community. These aircraft could then be reviewed by the devs and maybe the alpha-testers and could be rolled in when ready.

This is not a #features feature request, but I’m really curious, with the voting patterns recently observed, does it make some feature requests dead on arrival especially when it doesn’t involve heavies?


I mean the 777 and 757 were pretty awful and they were/are being reworked. I do agree that the worst planes should be reworked first but it’s not like none of them have


Not all reworks are decided my the community polls. If staff feel like an aircaft is desperate for a rework, they will rework it. Like they did with the 757. However, #features would also help them decide what to rework next.

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I do see this some of the older aircraft may be forgotten just for the newer ones. Which why next time im voting for the ejets they need to get reworked seriously. And really there could be no exucse saying embraers arent regional. And tbh it’s really on been Airbus and Boeing reworks. So there would be diversity in this rework would be good.

Not necessarily. Votes are not the end all be all decision factor. Some things simply cant be done with the current technology. Some may be planned at a future time but are dependent on other items first. The xcub and 172 were added and reworked because there was a logistical need for some GA aircraft. Bottom line is #features help gauge where the community is trending towards. In some cases they may ask for a dedicated vote like what just happened.


Short answer - no, because of it was like that we would have never got aircraft like X-Cub, C172, A-10. Devs need to balance between satisfying the widebody fanboys, which is quite a big chunk of people, and giving something to less vocal and represented people, like GA and short haul fans. I too voted for the ERJs in the first round, but then I switched to the A330, because I wanted the A220 to get a few liveries first. The desire for everything but a widebody is clearly there, and I hope 2021 is when IF, after the A330, will take on something smaller.

It’s complicated. While it’s technically is possible, the question would rise about the payouts to the developers. IF gets the money for new aircraft from the subscription money, and it’s pretty obvious if they had leftover money they would have at least considering getting more people.


I’d say credit to the devs for revamping the long-neglected GA sector. However, in the commercial side, as per my observations, all full reworks since the CRJs have been as a result of votes and have been widebodies. Is there a possibility of extending this courtesy to the side of commercial airliners to at least control this monotonous voting threads?

My intention was for this to be based on volunteering akin to the airport editing, even though understandably, building a model from the ground up is much more complex than editing an airport.

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Everyone is only looking at the liveries, when thinking of variety. The A220 for example has not only a lot of variety in liveries, but also range wise. It was build for shorter routes, and can takeoff from very small runways, too. Its very suitable for shorter routes. But while the Embraers have a pretty limited range, the A220 can go outside of its original purpose and operate longer routes, too! This also brings major route diversity, planes like the ATR and the E-Jets cant offer

The Embraers have liveries in all 6 continents. At least 2 in every continent. We are talking about airlines such as Myanmar International to others like Virgin Australia and Alliance in Australia.

In addition to this, the Embraers are specialized in doing shorter routes and some medium-hauls. Austrian has been using theirs on flights to TLV from VIE in place of the A320. Kenya Airways used to fly NBO-ABV(Around 4.5h) with the E190s. Airlink(when operating for SAA) used to fly JNB-EBB(Around 4h) using the E190s. This is an aircraft that has been proven to open up more routes. Look at Air Dolomiti. They operate many routes between Munich and Italy. In the USA, scope clauses enable the E175s to be oPerated as regionals, often flying to smaller airports(cities you never see on TV).

The A220 has obviously more range, but honestly speaking, its still really new, compared to the E-jets.


Eventually all aircraft within IF will be reworked. It’s only a matter of time. And in my opinion being mad your aircraft wasn’t chosen or your disappointed and dissatisfied with IF is somewhat rude in the fact that the devs are trying to meet everyone’s requirements, and get fancier and nicer planes made for US.

But do the liveries on the E-Jets matter? We would mostly get the major carriers anyways… The A220 has not too many major carriers, so smaller airlines would also be featured regularly

What makes me really sad is that people seem to forget a whole part of the Sim, the Military side.
while I know this might be a niche part, it still is kind of important, not alone but also for GAF which use military aircrafts on a daily base. The A10 got a Rework 2.5 years ago, and thats nice…
but I see people saying that the A330 or the E-Jets are in a bad state (which is true at some point) but the C17 for example does not even have a 3D Cockpit or animated parts at all.

getting a good cycle of reworks and new additions is fine and all, but include all parts of aviation in this sim, not only GA and Commercial Aviation.



There are too many neglected liveries.


  • Airlink
  • Air Burkina
  • Air Botswana
  • LAM Mozambique


  • Logan Air
  • Air Dolomiti
  • Aurigny
  • Belavia
  • Bulgarian
  • Georgian
  • Montenegro


  • Tianjin
  • Hebei
  • Arkia
  • Fuji Dream Airlines

South America:

  • Austral Argentina
  • Amaszonas
  • TAME Ecuador

These are more than enough neglected liveries.


And you honestly think they will come to the game, besides one or two? I can only see Air Dolomiti, Airlink and maybe Logan Air or Georgian Airways coming

This is actually another point that this topic was intended to address. I have no idea why I excluded military aviation, but thats a sector that has been affected by this. Ever since I started playing IF, apart from the A-10 and maybe the KC-10 being included in the DC-10/MD-11 update, there has been no military aircraft rework. The F-18 for instance is deplorable.

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These liveries are spread across all 4 variants of the E-jets. If each variant comes with 10 different livery slots, that means, you can easily get 40 accurate liveries with this aircraft.

Maybe but I am not willing to wait for another 4 aircraft to be reworked before a new one comes into the game.

The point is, the brand new aircraft can wait. Apart from the fact that these models are very old, majority of the neglected aircraft are in service, whether commercial, GA or military. Pushing them aside for a shiny new airframe will limit their chances of getting any attention.

No!? I also agree on reworking the current aircraft, but to what extent at once? I have no problem with aircraft getting reworked, but with the E-Jets that would be 10 reworked aircraft in a row

Might I add Skymark, ZIPAIR, Solaseed Air, Juneyao, & Fuji Dream Airlines?

Unfortunately, it may take a long time for these to come in game because there are not many voters or support for these liveries compared to others.

Another thing is that even though 4 aircraft are going to be reworked before the A333, there is not much you can do about that. You saw the polls, the slight margin changed everything.

You can go on and say things against the A333 being added, but do you really think anything will happen? The best option is to promote the A223 & the liveries you want so that you can bring it in the next update.

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