A Complete Guide To Aviation Photography [2022]

What a bloody brilliant tutorial. Thanks Andrew!

Psstttt @Rian16, don’t you have one?


Thank you so much! This is really helpful!

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Wow that’s detailed!
Thank you Andrew!

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Thank you guys. Glad I could help out.

Panning sure is difficult but also very rewarding, give it a shot sometime!

It can seem very overcomplicated at first, but once you understand more of what’s going on it seems more and more like an art.

The M word is just popular among spotters no matter what we think of ourselves haha. Thank you though, nice to see people think highly of our work.


@ phone spotters: If you enjoy taking pictures of planes, please do upgrade to a camera. It will be so worth it.


As someone who just swapped from phone spotting to actually using a really camera last month it is very much worth it.

And thanks Andrew (I’ll save you the extra @ ping) for the tutorial. As I mentioned before the text break, I’m new to spotting so I’ve just been on auto the whole time. This helps a lot.

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Andrew, you have successfully made the worlds longest topic ever, and one of the most helpful. Thank you so much, I’ll use this whenever I go spotting, it goes so in-depth on all the little things, and that’s what makes it so helpful. Thanks again, I’ve just bookmarked this!


Please do this ^

You’re welcome!

Can I get a fact check on that? I wouldn’t be surprised honestly.

Glad you found it useful!


Wow! Great work! I saved it right away!

I have a compact Lumix on which I learn, I did some spotting photos for now, can you help me a little bit? (In a PM)

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Extremely detailed @AndrewWu! This will help lots of people who are starting out in aviation photography.

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I do have a camera with a CF card indeed and it’s bloody annoying😂
Very bad connection at times:/

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I’m loving this tutorial!!! Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to do some spotting after things get a little better and when it is safer to commute to the airport. Another thing tho, any tips on planespotting through glass? Sometimes the photo has blurs (especially towards corners), and sadly it is pretty much unfixable. Once again, great stuff and thank you!

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Thanks! And sure, send me a PM I’ll see what I can do.

I hope it does.

What camera is it?

With glass generally you want to get as close as possible to it, and if there’s a specific light source inside try to block it with your body. If your photo is blurry, just select a faster shutter speed. I’m not sure what you mean by blurry towards the corners. If it’s out of focus, this may be an aperture or lens problem. Could you show an example?

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I took the editing parts (details, blacks, contrast, etc.) into consideration and tried them out and now my photos look so much more shiny! Great help, thanks!

Canon Eos 230d. Antique of a thing.

230? Dang that must be old, Canon hasn’t used anything but a xx00 or a xx50 in a long, long time, except for the 760.

It sure is old. Just ordered a 70-300mm lens for it. Says it’s compatible with canon, though will it be compatible with an older model like mine?

Are you sure it’s a 230D? I tried looking it up but I couldn’t find anything. The closest was a 250D (Rebel SL3) which is quite near brand new

Couldn’t find it either online the other day actually. I’ll check it now.

My bad, it’s a 350d.