A complaint

I haven’t created a topic on the IFC in quite some time, but I tried to a couple days ago. It told me that I had to get approval before it was allowed to show up. Why is this a feature all of a sudden, and I feel like you should at least get a message within a few hours saying your post was declined. It’s been a day or two with radio silence, and I personally believe that it’s just bad mannered policy. Maybe this should be a feature request I don’t know.

It’s only in #real-world-aviation and #ground-school:community-tutorials , I think. If your topic was declined, you can try and message the moderators to find out why.


It’s been a feature for quite a while mate just suck it up and ask the mods why they denied it or let it go through

Good to know- I still think there should be some sort of notification rather than nothing though. I don’t mind that my post wasn’t accepted I just would’ve preferred the courtesy of knowing.

I think this could be due to discourse settings and features, nothing the mods can control.

Hey! If it was in #real-world-aviation - this is what the topic rules say:

This change was made in June 2020, so if you’ve not been around for a while, it’s possible you missed the notification/pinned post.

For a full list of changes to the RWA category and the reasoning behind it, check out the topic below:

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Common sense, if ur post is posted then it was approved. If not, then its under review or denied. Message mods; I did the same. And make sure you filled out the format correctlyv

Hello @Northwest! Thanks for your topic and your complaint.

As other users have pointed out already, there are categories where every post needs to be approved by a moderator first. At the moment, that’s the case in #real-world-aviation and #ground-school:community-tutorials.

We reject topics if they don’t follow the category rules. You can find these rules pinned in the category on the IFC. We only send messages to the user of the rejected topic if it was rejected for any reason that is not mentioned in the category rules. If your topic wasn’t approved and you didn’t receive a message, it didn’t follow the rules.

Even though you don’t get an automated message, you can always reach out to the @moderators inbox if you need more information about why your topic was rejected.

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