A colourful livery: #WeAreInThisTogether: Eurowings rescue flight HAM-PMI-HAM

Hello everyone and welcome to my newest #screenshots-and-videos topic. I am very happy to have you here and hope you’ll enjoy the pictures!

Background to the pictures:

Today evening (time altered for the pictures), I flew from Hamburg in Northern Germany to Pala de Mallorca and back (on the Expert Server), simulating one of the rescue flights to get holidaymakers home to Germany now that new restrictions have been implemented in Spain due to the ongoing crisis.

But let’s get to the pictures!

D-AEWQ, a 3-year old A320, on the apron at HAM, ready to ferry to PMI for today‘s mission:

Short final into a sunny Palma after about 2:20 in the air:

After a quick turnaround now with a full load back to Hamburg. Climbing away from PMI in the hope of better times and a return in the nearer future!

Landed in Hamburg!

I really hope you enjoyed the pictures and would very much appreciate your comments below!
Also I would like to wish us all the very best in these though times, stay healthy and be responsible!


It’s been a while since I have seen screenshots with the Eurowings A320 livery. Great pictures! Best I have seen so far this week. I love the livery so much. 👌

Keep it up!

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“We’re all in this together du du do do du do du du da!” 🎶

Great pictures!

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Thank you very much! Really appreciated!

Thank you!

Ooh, I like this one!

Lovely pictures as always Julian!

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That’s my favourite picture as well. Simply a great airport/scenery/livery!

Thank you very much for the support!

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I don’t know why but this picture is really cool! It looks so realistic with the sun setting and the spoilers deploying. I hope it was a buttery landing

I should fly more around Germany

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Thank you very much!

I flew 4 domestic hops today (HAM-DUS-HAM-STR-HAM), and I can just recommend this! (Even though shorthaul across Europe (e.g. to Spain as seen here) is always great too.)

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