A Colorful Turkish Departure

Antalya Departure Views

When departing the Turkish resort city to the north, you’re greeted with 2 lakes that look stunning. The one in the foreground is called Lake Eğirdir and the one in the background is called Lake Beyşehir. They’re a nice sight to see. Flight TB3232 from Antalya 🇹🇷 (LTAI) to Ostend 🇧🇪 (EBOS) on the Expert Server

Flight Time: 3:48

Vibrant sights as we climb to FL340

How about a wing view?

Three shades of blue mixed with desert gold

The only unedited photo

Do I recommend this route? Definitely. Takes you through various scenic areas and traverses the majority of The European mainland

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Really beautiful landscape! Nice shots!

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That is some incredible scenery! Nice shots :)

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Wow great scenery! Nice photos. ;)

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