A collection of random screenies

Hi all!

Yesterday I’ve been screwing around in Solo with my trusty F22 looking for cool places and I think you’d enjoy them. All are taken on Solo, yesterday, from various airports.

Daugava river, South East Latvia

Area around Fort William, Scotland

Mount Cameroon, Cameroon duh

Full view of Réunion Island

Somewhere in Vestlandet, Norway

Balaton, Western Hungary

Drakensberg mountains, Lesotho & South Africa

Like I always ask, which one is your favourite out of them all?


I love the photo of Réunion, great job!


I honestly love all of them.

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Wow these are amazing!

“Scandanvian54Super, request permission to use these photos as my backround”


You can use them as you please!

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Mt Cameroon for sure, it looks sick!

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@Tsumia these pictures are so amazing I like all of them it’s amazing the devs created such amazing scenery

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