A Collection of Catches Over The Summer - KDFW, KAFW, KNFW

Hello, all! It’s been over a month since my last topic, so I thought it was time for a new one.

On to the pics, I guess.


Canon EOS 4000D
Tamron SP 70-300mm

Settings: 1/1600 F5.0 ISO 400
Location: N Airfield Drive

LX-ECV an 11 year old 747-400F coming in some beautiful golden hour light.

Settings: 1/1600 F5.0 ISO 125
Location: N Airfield Drive

N505DN, a 2 year old A350-900 coming in on a charter from LAX. Not sure why.

Settings: 1/1000 F8.0 ISO 100
Location: Envoy Parking Lot

B-7369, a 4 year old 777-300ER arriving from
Guangzhou on a cargo run featuring a Cathay Pacific Cargo 747-8F departing to presumably Anchorage.

Settings: 1/800 F8.0 ISO 100
Location: Envoy Parking Lot

EVA has sent a 777-300ER from Taipei bringing cargo a handful of times since Corona began. Here’s one taxiing to the cargo ramp in golden hour.

Settings: 1/800 F8.0 ISO 100
Location: ATAC

The KSA had a 777-300ER here for retrofitting I believe from May to July. Here she is departing back off to Jeddah.

Settings: 1/320 F8.0 ISO 100
Location: The Loop

The Blue Angels received their brand new C-130 recently, and here it is arriving into the Naval Air Station here. This bird did a low pass on it’s first approach, really cool to watch.

Settings: 1/800 F8.0 ISO 100
Location: Envoy Parking Lot

SkyLease has been a new visitor here since corona came around, shipping cargo around on the WUH-ANC-DFW-LAX-ANC-WUH route.

Settings: 1/800 F8.0 ISO 100
Location: Bombardier Aerospace Parking Lot

A7-ANE, a 1 year old A350-1000 in the oneworld livery departing off to Doha. This is actually one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken.

And finally, we have N36272, an 18 year old 737-800 departing to Denver on both days. Thank you to the United scheduling team and the weather for allowing me to catch both sides 4 days apart. Sad to see that this plane will be repainted soon.

Anyway, that’s the end of this topic. Check out my Instagram for daily pictures of mine.



I love those shots. They are image

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Beautiful photos!

Picture quality really said 📈

It was a bad summer, but the bad summer threw some good things at DFW.

Imagine captioning below the image



Yeah, I sure hope this winter makes up for it.

Shut up nerd



Aaaahh I just noticed the massive dust spots in pics 2 and 3 I’ll take those out real quick

Very noice

good job you went and saw planes yay

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I’m in love. 😍

Wonderful shots by the way!


Beautiful pictures of United Airlines


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Which one is at KAFW?

The KSA 77W.

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