A cold winter morning to warm sunny beaches // Delta B757-200 // pt. 2/2

Hey everyone! Earlier last week, I posted part one of this series in an Air Canada E175, now, as promised, here is part 2, starring the beautiful Delta Boeing 757-200!


Route: KATL - TSJS
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Flight time: 3h:54m

Captions apply to the photos underneath them

  1. Our aircraft waiting for boarding, this time in much nicer weather.

  2. Our beautiful aircraft blasting out of Hartsfield-Jackson!

  3. I went for an @Butter_Boi type shot in this one, did I do well?

  4. As we wave Atlanta a goodbye, our anticipation for the warm sunny beaches of San Juan rises!

  5. Our aircraft reaches our cruise altitude of 33,000 feet — I guess our pilot wanted some fresh air?!?

  6. Leaving mainland America!

  7. A Spectacular view of the unique waters of the Caribbean/Bahamas!

  8. After another hour of flying we begin our descent and approach into San Juan!

  9. After a total of nearly 3 hours of flying time, we touchdown in San Juan!

  10. As we de-board, we turn around to view our beautiful aircraft once more. Sandy beaches, here we come!

Departure/takeoff replay
Arrival/landing replay

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Thanks for viewing today’s post! I hope you enjoyed these shots! As always, if you haven’t already, go follow my Instagram so you don’t miss out on the shots that aren’t posted please here due to limits or photoshop rules! Again, thanks for viewing today’s post, I hope you enjoyed these shots, see you in the skies!

~ Airborne Canuck


You didn’t make the plane shiny enough and the tint is too warm/yellowish. But you did get the angle right because I love doing that type of photo. 7/10.

Overall, awesome photos once again @Airborne_Canuck!


Nice shots man, I really enjoyed you flying to San Juan Puerto Rico to explore the warm sandy beaches.

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Thanks @Butter_Boi, I’m glad you like them, and I’ll keep that in mind,
✍️you✍️ like✍️it✍️SHINY✍️ 😂

@Udeme_Ekpo Thank you! Glad you liked the journey, I had a lot of fun flying it!

Quiz time!:

22% of you got the last quiz right, The Average snowfall in Toronto ON is 121.4 cm or 3’ 11”!

When was the last aircraft involved incident in the Bermuda Triangle?
  • 1968
  • 1940
  • 1984
  • 2017

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Nice job! Looks like it was a good flight!

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Thanks! And it sure was a nice flight, maybethat pilot had a dream to skydive? 🤔

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