A cold journey to Oslo

1) Background to the photos
Every day some busy airports around north is still winter cold but can have nice places with A snowy wonderland to greens

Flight: ULLI- ENGM

Flight time: 1:46 (cruise speed Mach .78)

Aircraft: A320-200

Livery: SAS (Scandinavian)

Server: Expert
122 Souls people Being boarded

Parallel Takeoff

Crossing Northwest while he goes southeast to Moscow

Helsinki while FL320

Into the Gulf of Bothnia

Meanwhile while descending

Airport on Sight

While I butter…No I mean made a smooth landing to Oslo


Those last two photos are great! And boy does that look like 🧈

That second last photo looks like its been taken in the 1900s 🤪

How about 30s

By the way, great filtering in the second last image I like it a lot!