A Cold Day Spotting @KANE

Hello IFC!

I’m keeping my GA mood and have another batch of GA spotting photos! It was very cold when I took these photos so I hope you enjoy folks!

First off, we got this Piaggio Avanti blasting out of Runway 27 with its backwards props!

A beautiful PA-46 taxiing right-by after exiting Runway 27

Next. We got a homemade Vans RV9 testing its vertical stabilizers while taxiing to runway 27

A classic Cessna 185 Skywagon taxiing to the hanger.

Gotta love a Civil Air Patrol C172

N208SP is back in the air after breaking down in my last topic!

A Black nosed Beech Baron slowing to a halt after landing on runway 27.

Nothing to see here, it’s just a federal law enforcement spy plane.

Finally we got this golden PA-28 in a nice cold sunset!

What’s your favorite photo?
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Hope everybody enjoyed! Have a great Christmas!

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Canon Rebel T7
Canon EF 75-300mm 1:4-5.6


Nice GA spotting! I love the Piaggio!


I second that, awesome shots here.

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Appreciate it!


holy crap, amazing pictures, nice camera resolution

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Thank you!

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MORE GA!!! Absolutely love it man! Great to see more action!

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Holy cow! You have done it again, achieved greatness. Amazing catches bro! Especially the PA46!

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Appreciate it!

These are absolutely sunning! These are a 20/10 for me! The Vans has my heart!

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