A Cold, Dark, Canadian Morning to a Sunny Day in South Korea


So for the last week I’ve been doing a lot of Ultra-Long Haul flights, about a week ago I flew Toronto to Seoul, I used the Air Canada 787-9 which is used in real life. I took off from Toronto around 6:30 AM and flew Northwest over the Western Territories of Canada, the sun rose, and slowly went back down as we approached the Arctic Circle and flew over Northern Alaska. We crossed the West Coast of Alaska over Nome and flew down the East Coast of Russia, over Japan and flew west into South Korea and Seoul. I landed almost 24 hours after I left on a cold morning in Seoul.
Flight time was 13 Hours 11 Minutes which was disappointing as my longest flight was only 8 minutes longer than that, but I have that record broken now :).

Flight Details

Toronto, Canada to Seoul, South Korea
Air Canada 643 Heavy
Boeing 787-9


Rotating out of Toronto as the landing lights shine through the darkness as a fellow Air Canada 787 taxies to the runway bound for the Far East of Tel Aviv

Putting the gear up as we climb into the Canadian darkness

The sun starts to rise as we over fly the town of Cochrane, Alberta, just west of Calgary

The sun rose and quickly fell back down below the horizon but we had a great view of the Moon over Northwest Canada, Alaska and Northern Russia

After the sun rose again we fly over the North East islands of Japan over the mountains of Higashikawa

The northern islands of Japan have some great views with mountains and beaches side by side
Descending through the province of Gyeonggi-do, which translated, literally means “Land around Seoul
Turning toward the runway over the bay just south of Incheon Putting the gear down as we fly the beautiful approach into Seoul On the ground in Seoul after leaving Toronto more than 13 hours before!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo

When was Air Canada’s first 787 delivered?

  • May 2014
  • October 2018
  • June 2016

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The answer to yesterday’s quiz was Eastern Airlines and British Airways, which only 9% of people got correct!



Hi, nice pics you got there

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Hi, thank you 😂

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The gear tilt really got me. I wish it would stay that way when you put the gear down😂

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Nice!! Love that moonshot.

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Wow!!! This pictures is just incredible! The topic is very well made with loads of great views, including fantastic wing views and landing lights!

Also really interesting explanations too. You can see the work that went into it and the results are fantastic, thanks for sharing, looking forward to the next topic!

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Amazing! I’ve seen you’ve been doing more long hauls! I like it!

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Yeah, it always looks like that right when you put it down and I really wish it would stay tilted too :(

Thank you!!! I actually had 3 but tat was the best :)

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Thanks! When you fly North in the winter, there’s a lot of darkness so there’s plenty of moonshots to take 😂

And I’m really happy it’s notable that I’m putting more work into these I’m really trying to spend more time and make these more detailed, and that’s why I’m also adding the questions at the end

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I mean… the past week I’ve flown

CYYZ-RKSI (13:11)
RJTT-KLAX (8:45)
CYYZ-LLBG (9:07)
OTHH-KPHL (13:41)
NZAA-KORD (13:05)
KMSP-KSEA-PHKO (7:45) that probably doesn’t count though
RJAA-YPPH (9:35)
SCEL-YSSY (13:39)

But when I’m flying all of these long hauls, it actually makes it a lot harder to post because I’m covering so much of the world in one flight. That’s why I sometimes don’t post a flight until almost 2 weeks after I’ve flown it, if I fly Toronto to Tel Aviv and Doha to Philadelphia around the same time (which I did) I have to separate them because most of the pictures are going to be from Europe

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Nice pictures!

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Nice pics 👍

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Nice pictures! I always look forward to seeing your posts each day, its like a highlight 😂

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Thanks @Siddhansh and @Murphy!

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Haha I’m happy that it’s a “highlight”, thanks! 😂

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