A cold birthday morning to warm sunny beaches // pt. 1/2

Hey everyone, I did a flight from Toronto, ON Canada to San Juan in Puerto Rico with a layover in Atlanta, GA, USA. It was a fun flight and I felt like sharing it, I highly recommend this route, and I hope you enjoy these shots!

And yes, today is my 18th birthday, I’m officially classified as an adult by the Canadian government!


Airports CYYZ - KATL
Aircraft: Embraer E175
Server: Expert
Flight time: 2h:34m

Captions apply the photos beneath them!

  1. Waiting at our gate for boarding while poor visibility and a raging winter storm blanket everything!

  2. After some delays and de-icing, we are finally on our way as an Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER rolls past us!

  3. As we hold short at runway 06L, a Philippines A350-900 pulls up behind us with more Canadians migrating to warmer countries!

  4. ”Positive pitch, gear up. Our journey south has begun!

  5. Although you can’t see it, beneath us lies the city of Toronto, I’m glad to be out of that!

  6. A little while later and we are flying over some small but beautiful mountains as we approach Atlanta, our layover destination!

  7. After a successful approach into Atlanta, we are now lined up on final to Hartsfield-Jackson international!

  8. Due to a malfunction in instruments (wifi issues on the other pilots end), we had a very close call on final with a Aer Lingus Boeing 757-200, luckily, our skilled pilot managed to maneuver around it!

  9. After some skilled maneuvers, we touch down on runway 08 at Hartsfield Jackson International airport with barely any fuel to spare!

  10. Looking back at this beautiful plane with the moon setting behind, our journey is half way done!

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*Thank you for viewing my post today! I hope you enjoyed these shots as much as I did! the following links are my Instagram and I highly recommend that you check my page out as shots that aren’t posted here due to rules or limits will be posted there. Again, thanks for viewing my post today, and stay tuned for part 2, coming soon! See you in the skies!


I love that last moonshot! I can’t wait to see Part 2.

What is the average annual snowfall in Toronto Ontario?
  • 121.4 cm (3’ 11”)
  • 148.8 cm (4’ 10”)
  • 101.3 cm (3’ 3”)
  • 96.2 cm (3’ 1”)

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Thank you, glad you like the shots,! Part 2 will be coming soon!

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Awesome! I bet it will just as good as this one.

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Those are the Appalachians thank you very much, the best mountains in the world.

Awesome photos @Airborne_Canuck!

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Uhm you forgot number 6

it goes from 5 to 7 lol

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Whoops! Must have accidentally deleted those when creating the poll, vote number 5 if you want to vote for six.

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Thanks @Butter_Boi, they certainly are very beautiful mountains!

Wow! Great shots! Congrats on becoming an adult!

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Great shots Canuck! Happy Birthday once again!

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The moonshot its just incredible! Also the pic with the Aer Lingus its amazing too

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Haha, thanks, glad you like these shots! I now have the responsibility of paying tax dollars and voting… Hooray…? :p

Thank you @Pilot_Felix and @Venezuelancap!


@Airborne_Canuck, is today ur birthday?

Indeed it is, and happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you too @Airborne_Canuck

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