A Cold and Snowy Philly down to a Warm South Florida Afternoon

Today I flew from Philadelphia (PHL) down to Fort Myers, Florida (RSW). The reason I flew it is because today the weather at my house was 30 degrees with wet, heavy snow and I really wish I could hop on a plane to Florida. I used the Spirit A320 and flight time was
2 hours 12 minutes

At the snowy ramp Adiós Philadelphia, I won’t miss this weather Slowly climbing past the Chesapeake Bay Flying over Jacksonville at 36,000 feet The A320 In one of my favorite liveries Descending toward Fort Myers past the beautiful Floridian Coast Flying right off the coast of Tampa Bay and St Petersburg Flying over North Fort Myers before turning East for our downwind leg into runway 24 The approach into Fort Myers is one of my favorites whether you approach from the East or west Touchdown on a Crystal clear, 70 degree Florida afternoon just 2 hours after leaving some miserable weather.

Please let me know what you think about the photos!


Great pictures and I love that you included the place names and other cool things like the coordinates! Very well done! Thanks for sharing!

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I would’ve slaved for that! All you get is squelchy, leafy floor, freezing weather but still raining in the UK.

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Haha, I shouldn’t have said “heavy”, literally the snow itself was heavy, we got like none that actually stuck

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Heavy snow in the UK is like a drop. People being gullible would whip the skis out


By 3PM all of the snow had melted so the ground was just soaking wet and 30 degrees, skiing would be fun 😂

Thanks! I just started adding text and I like doing it

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Nice pictures

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Thank you!

Really nice pics! The words look good in the photo somehow.

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the fifth one looks so real

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Thanks! I try to make the words stand out a little but not stick out too much

Really cool I didn’t know u can change the weather to snowy.

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I have to say I love your pictures. Also I love how you put the location under or above the photo. Also Nice rain effects!

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Thank you! I tried to edit them to look realistic but interesting

I actually used an editing website to add the snow

Thanks a lot :)!