A Cold Afternoon in Montreal to a Sunset on the Shore of Lake Ontario

So I know this may not be one of my best posts, only a few photos and a very short flight, but I had A LOT of homework last night so I only had time to get screenshots for this flight. I flew it a couple of weeks back, when Toronto was featured. I could’ve used the Air Canada A320 or even 787, but it was just after I had flown Seattle to Portland so I was really in the mood to fly the Dash-8. Flight time was only 1 Hour 9 minutes

Flight Details

Montreal to Toronto
West Jet Encore Dash 8-Q400

Rotating out of Montreal on a Cold winter afternoon Putting the gear up as we blast to 20,000 feet Overflying the hills of Quebec Flying toward Toronto as we hug the West Coast of Lake Ontario Turning toward the runway in the green sun lit sky Putting the gear back down after an hour in the sky Barreling toward the runway as an American A320 sits at its gate after a flight from Miami Smoking the gear as we touch down in Toronto!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo

How tall is Toronto’s famous CN Tower that was the tallest building in the world until it was surpassed by the Burj Khalifa in 2007?

  • 1,815 ft
  • 2948 ft
  • 1468 ft

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The answer to yesterday’s question was that people in Chicago were known to be big-headed in the 1900s and be full of hot air. I knew that was a trick question and only 3 people got it right!


And if you guys have any scenic routes please let me know them


Done this route with an A330 before. Very cool flight definitely.

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Toronto 😎

Canada 😎

@Infinite_Flight_Sims might not approve of you being in YUL instead of YOW


Ewwwwwww Montreal

Just jokes ofc great pictures

Side note pls do smth from Ottawa it’s rly nice


Very nice photos.

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Very nice indeed! I don’t know how you fly the Dash-8 though. I certainly can not!

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Even though that was just a short flight you still have some beautiful editing! Love the first pic with the sun reflecting off the fuselage as the green from the tail blends into the fog!

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I’m always happy when I see people flying to or from Montreal in IF! After all, who doesn’t love their home airport?


Still a great post with the mighty Dash and the fantastic light conditions!

My favourite of the topic, thanks for sharing!

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Ah yes, with those edits that WestJet Dash-8 looks amazing!

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@Tsumia it’s definitely a fun one!

@anon41771314 Canada is a pretty cool place 😎

@Infinite_Flight_Sims haha City rivalries, and if you can convince me of a good route out of Ottawa I’ll fly it ;)

@Pertonics thanks!

@KindaTartySliceOfPie I can’t either, there’s good reason there is no video of the touchdown moment 😂

@Mr-plane-guy1 the green fits so well with the sunset and the fact that it was cloudy made some cool contrast too!

@Philippe_Gilbert haha everyone loves seeing their home airport

@julianb the might Dash 8! That’s a new one, but it’s surprisingly fast and I think it’s a great plane and Lake Ontario was fun to see

@Butter_Boi it’s one of my favorite liveries! I’m a huge fan of it


You have officially earned the title of Starz’ a favourite IFC member


nice pictures

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Nice pictures! Flew it in the 789 once.

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@anon41771314 I am honored 😂

@Siddhansh and @Infinite_Qantas thanks!

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