A co-pilot to take some stress of you

I don’t know about anyone else but I find that landing or maintaining a flight in the air can sometimes be a hands on job. Much like this, please check this out as I think he deserves credit as well . What I think would be even better though is to have a co-pilot in “non live flight”, to do possibly radios or checklists(If they add these to single player) but, it would be like having another autopilot which would be cool. I do hope I haven’t made this too similar to the hyperlink:)

Hi Biggles, I do agree with you, there are times when a second pair of hands would be a big help, especially in talking to ATC when I am on final!

Rather than opening a new thread on the same subject, the forum prefers if you had added your post to the thread already running! well done for good search and link of topics BTW.

Happy Contrails

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Ok, cool, and?