A Cloudy Sky in Abu Dhabi to Golden Bahrain Sky


Yesterday as you probably know, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi were 2 featured airports, I rarely fly around the Middle East so it was a good opportunity to fly a fun short flight just before sunset. Both airports were really busy and it’s always fun to have a bit of pressure as to not screw up your landing with 10 people watching. Gulf Air and Etihad fly this route in real life but I used Etihad because I’m a huge fan of their old and new liveries. They use the A320 and 777, I like using big planes on short routes, but I used the A321 because the 777 is not very photogenic, kind of like me in real life. Flight time was 56 minutes

Flight Details

Abu Dhabi to Bahrain
Airbus A321
Etihad 643
56 minutes

🇦🇪 • 🇧🇭

Holding short of the runway behind a 787 as another 787 lands from London Climbing into the cloudy Abu Dhabi Sky
Flying North past the sands and waters of the UAE
After a quick cruise at 26,000 feet we descend toward Bahrain over the sands of Qatar
On the visual approach into Bahrain as a Turkish 738 lines up bound for Istanbul The words no pilot wants to hear, even though there are way worse things to hear- ”Etihad 643, go around” ugh, putting the gear up and climbing into the afternoon sky On second try approaching Bahrain as the runway lights shine in the golden hour sun Crossing the runway threshold as a FlyDubai 738 waits bound for, you can guess where On the ground in Bahrain as a Gulf Air A321 lifts off for Abu Dhabi!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

I’m golfing right now so I couldn’t find a good trivia question so I’ll make one that I hope 95% of you guys get right

If I am flying into Hawaii, what airport am I probably flying into?

  • Lihue
  • Honolulu
  • Kahului
  • Kona
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The answer to the last question was Hot spots!

I’ll see you guys soon!


@NoahM, your shots never fail to dissapoint. Keep up the great work! (Lihue is the superior airport)


I love your pictures as always @NoahM,

Though, I wish you used the geometric tail!


My favourite today! Lots of great pictures as always, thanks for sharing!

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Love the beach shot. Keep up the great photos!

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I felt this


its good

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It’s not OTHH, it’s OMAA.

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All I can feel is just: Ouch.
I can relate to that! That is why I just died inside when I saw that.

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That is so unfortunately relatable.

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Wow those are amazing photos! I really like the editing

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@Pingu thank you! I’ve never flown into Lihue in IF, but maybe I should. They have a lot of 757 routes which I love

Thank you @ran!

Thanks @JulianB! The golden livery fit so well with the blue sky

@Pertonics thanks! The beach was really cool with the varying colors

@Altaria55 yeah 😎

@Zach_inkling ummm thanks 🤔

@Philippe_Gilbert I don’t know why I said OTHH, that’s Doha

Haha I’m sure it is for a lot of people 😂

Thanks @TheFlyingGuy1! I spend a lot of time editing so I’m happy it’s good

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It surely does!

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But then change that on your post. Why does it still say OMAA?

Hey ! Nice pics, although you made two mistakes. First one is that UAE airlines do not fly over Qatar since there is a blockade from GCC countries on Qatar. As per there are no flights in between and their airspaces are blocked to airlines from the opposite country. And secondly Abu Dhabi is OMAA and not OTHH but you might have seen that already. Looking forward to meet you in the sky !


Sorry I guess, I responded to your comment right before I left for a funeral so I didn’t really have time to change it.

Thanks! Yeah I don’t know why I said OTHH, I know that’s Doha and I wasn’t going to fly over Qatar, but I got vectored over it by ATC :(

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Beautiful photos man!

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Wow that cockpit shot was just wow

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@Speedyyy thanks! ;)

@AviatorGamerYT thank you! I almost didn’t add it so I’m happy it’s good 😃

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