A Cloudy Morning on the Persian Gulf to a Clear Sky in Geneva


So I’ve been looking at this flight for a while because of its amazing scenery, and I finally got the change to fly it two weeks ago. This flight, just like my Vienna to Madeira flight, I had to wake up at 2:30 AM, fly the plane to 10,000 feet and then sleep for the next 5 hours. It was a stunning flight and using the Qatar A350, which they use in real life, was a lot of fun. The real life callsign is Qatari 99 which was also randomly cool. Flight time was 5 hours and 56 minutes

Flight Details

Doha to Geneva
Qatari 99 Heavy
Airbus A350-900

🇶🇦 • 🇨🇭

Rotating out of Doha on a cloudy morning

Putting the gear up as we blast out through the gray Qatari sky

The Blue water and white sands of Saudi Arabia above the Red Sea The deserts of the Middle East as we overfly Kuwait The scenery greens-out above the plains and flats of Lovech, Bulgaria Our first view of the always amazing Alps off the right wing Above Northern Italy as we prepare to start descending toward Geneva The approach into Geneva is amazing from the south as we turn to align with the runway Putting the gear down 5 Nautical miles out form the runway Touching down as the clock strikes 2 in Geneva!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

What is the official language of Geneva?

  • Swiss
  • French
  • German

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The answer to the last question was Tom Brady!


I’m a simple man, I see Qatar airways, I like.

Great shots, and thanks for flying the Qatari Beauty!


And lately I’ve been having some people say that I shouldn’t have text on the photos, so I’m just wondering, should I keep the text on the photos?
Please be honest, because if you guys don’t like it, Ill stop adding it

  • Yes, I realllly like it!
  • Yes, why not
  • No

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Haha yeah Qatar has a really cool livery that’s definitely one of my favorites!

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While I think it’s your style, I think the text removes certain aspects of the photo. In my opinion you should remove them as I’m myself more of a fan of whole photos.


LEGENDARY of screenshots


Oh yeah fun fact: I actually flew this exact route last year in February in real life!

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As always (goes without saying), awesome pictures!!!

This one looks like an old loading screen lol! I love the angle


Amazing! Love the A350 so much especially on the Qatar Livery!😀👍

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The fantastic A350, Geneva and an extremely scenic route!

And obviously one of the best Screenshot makers on the IFC make for a great topic!

Hard to find a favourite, but you can’t go wrong with such a stunning wing view!


Everyone knows we speak Swiss in Geneva, have some knowledge people…


Amazing pics (as always) luv the 350!

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@anon24319801 that must’ve been a really fun flight with the views!


@luca1s it does now that I think about it, but hey if it looks like a former loading screen, I guess it’s a good photo 😂

Thank you! @KindaTartySliceOfPie I have a bit of a soft spot for the Qatar A350 because it’s the only interesting thing we get at PHL

@Infinite_Flight_Sims thanks! It’s hard to mess up photos with the A350, that’s for sure 😂

@Q-ENAN haha 😂


Geneva is absolutely stunning! It was made even better because I landed just before 2 Easyjet A319s and a Royal Air Maroc 787 from Casablanca!

And the wing view was AMAZING. The alps are always stunning and never fail to amaze

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For that poll, all of the languages are the official languages of Switzerland.

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Well that’s not what the question is asking 😉

I did not know this was a route at all. 😂 Nice Pictures!

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Great timing!

I absolutely couldn’t agree more!

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I was surprised to see it was a route too! And when I learned they used the A350, I knew I had to fly it

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Your angles of view are breathtaking but I find that the saturation of the colors destroys the photos. But if you like it, that’s the main thing! Good work. 😉

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