A Cloudy Morning in Austria to a Blue Day in the Islands of Portugal

Last night I was laying in bed at midnight and I decided I really wanted to fly into Madeira because of its really fun approach and it’s usually strong winds. So like any normal person would do, I decided that the most fun route to fly would be Vienna to Madeira which Austrian flies in real life. I would set an alarm for 3:15 AM where I would wake up, fly the plane up to 10,000 feet and then I would engage the Autopilot and go back to bed until 7:00 when I would wake up and start my approach. The approach into Madeira was exactly what I expected, I had a 25 knot crosswind on final and had to go around the first time. I circled around and landed on try number 2. I highly recommend looking up Madeira plane spotting on YouTube because it is really fun to watch. I used the Austrian A321 (The A320 is used in real life, but it’s not in IF) and flight time was 4 hours and 24 minutes.

Flight Details

Vienna to Madeira/Funchal
Austrian 643
Airbus A321-200

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Putting the gear up as we climb out of Vienna on a Cloudy winter morning

A view of the alps as we blast over Austria Cruising above Paris before making our Southwest turn toward Spain and Portugal
Flying over the coastal town of Oviedo, Spain Crossing the Northwest Coast of Spain as we make a beeline for Madeira and Funchal Flying over the island and city of Porto Santo 30 Miles Northeast of Funchal Flying by the island on our downwind leg Making the classic steep right turn hugging the hill on final approach Battling a 25 knot crosswind on final approach on a Sunny 75 degree morning Touching down in Funchal! I’m actually surprised Ryanair doesn’t fly here because it’s the perfect place to slam a 737 into the ground

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

When was the island of Madeira discovered?

  • 1418 AD
  • 235 BC
  • 1746 AD

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Very nice screenshots as always.


I love this angle and photo so much! Keep up the great work!


My god. Mad respect for the dedication


How I see your photos:
They’re nice though, lol


This brings back so many great memories! One of the best destinations and a stunning area of the world! Also you can’t go wrong with an A321! Thanks for sharing!


Why do you always tag @JulianB in your flight details?

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I asked @NoahM if he would mind to do so as I really enjoy his posts and I can see them far more easily this way. He kindly agreed and that’s why I am always tagged in the posts.


Facts here

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Thanks @Tsumia!

@Hymenopus_Coronatus Thanks! It was a fun turn but definitely would be uncomfortable for the passengers

@Altaria55 I like doing it though! Every night I wake up between 3 and 5 because I have to go to the bathroom So it’s kind of natural for me to wake up then anyway 😂

@Infinite_Qantas c’mon they’re not that dark lol

@JulianB have you been to Porto Santo before? it looks like it would be a beautiful place to go to

@Zak_Plant 😂 my Landing was awful so they could definitely make some fun landings


Now that is nice! Good work!😀

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Thanks as always @KindaTartySliceOfPie!

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Unfortunately not, but it looked absolutely fantastic when I flew into Madeira IRL!

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Amazing shots!!!

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That must have been a really fun approach!

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Thanks a lot Kyle! :)

One of the best approaches so far! Couldn’t stop smiling after the fun approach, steep turn and landing in Madeira!

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Wow that first picture is SUPER realistic looking! Incredible as always!

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Thanks! That’s my favorite picture too, I don’t know why but it looks really clean imo

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