A cloudy day spotting @ RJTT

Hello everyone👋 Today I’ve decided to visit Jonanjima Seaside Park which is located right under the approach path of runway 22 at Haneda airport/RJTT and do some plane spotting. So here are the photos! Hope you enjoy!

  1. ANA/787-8

  2. JAL/737-800

  3. JTA/737-800

  4. JAL/A350-900

  5. Lufthansa/A350-900

  6. Star flyer/A320

  7. Solaseed Air/737-800

  8. Skymark/737-800

  9. ANA/A321neo

That’s all! Thanks for visiting my topic!


i like this one, you can see the sticker

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@ANAVirtualGroup would love this! Great shots.



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