A cloudy day in the Swiss alps

So I was flying through the swiss alps and thought it would look cool to put the visibility on no visibility and this is what it looked likeimage|800x600


Nice shot @Justin_Mease!

But would you mind giving more details to this screenshot? At what time did you take this picture? What server was/is this flight flown from? And what route is this flown? If you could edit this topic including such information that would be great. Thanks! This Category has guidelines to follow…

Ok sorry about that but I did it in solo so there wasn’t really a server

And do I say what time it was there or what time it is in real life

This is your third #screenshots-and-videos topic in 18 hours. The guidelines say to only post one per day.

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Oh oops I thought it has been a day but I guess not sorry somebody can delete it

It’s fine. You can look at your previous topic to see if it’s been 24 hours in the future.

Oh ok I will look

Cool picture! A few things I would suggest are, try some different angles, maybe edit your picture(s) to help them look better, and as stated before please follow the guidelines :)

Ok but what are the guidelines

Read this and it will tell you.

I love it 😎 nice photo man 👍

Thank you so much @Polski

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The picture is awesome! Love it!