A Cloudy Day in the Australian Outback to a Sunset on the Singaporean Coast


So last night I decided to fly Perth to Singapore, I wanted to time my arrival with the sunset in Singapore, which is 7:15 AM for me, the flight was about 5 hours in duration so I had to wake up at 2:30 AM and fly the plane to 10,000 feet before going to sleep again. The flight had great views, as Australia always does because of the red and orange colors of the outback. Outback also has some great steaks, even if they’re unrelated. After crossing the North Australian Coast we flew over the Indian Ocean, then the mountains of Indonesia and then into Singapore as the sun set. I used the Singapore A350 which is used in real life and Flight time was 4 hours and 51 minutes

Flight Details

Perth, Australia to Singapore, Singapore
Singapore 643 Heavy
Airbus A350-900

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Rotating from Perth on a cloudy afternoon Climbing into the grey sky bound for Singapore The red deserts over the coolest named town on earth, Woolgorong Nothing but the red clay and rock for hours above the Australian Outback Crossing the North Australian Coast at 36,000 feet After a couple of hours over the Indian Ocean we fly above the jungles and volcanoes of Indonesia Descending into Singapore’s setting sun Putting the gear down in the colorful Singapore sky Touching down in the last orange light!
At the gate next to a company A330

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Which of these is illegal in Singapore?

  • Chewing Gum
  • Owning more than 110 pounds of potatoes at one time
  • Keeping a goldfish in a fishbowl

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The answer to the last question was Kona and I’m only slightly disappointed that only 32% of people got that right 😢



This was the second A350 route I flew! Beautiful!

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Nice pics as always! sure looks cloudy in Perth. I think chewing gum is illegal because I read that off the back of a Snapple cap.

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Love a sunset A350! And a really cool perspective too.

The wig view is amazing too and this name is just ridiculous ;)

I am also very interested to get to know what’s right in this post‘s question!

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10th like sho walcum
lol nice shots! Australia is just awesome from the ground and miles above.

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What a beautiful plane. Great pictures too!

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@Ecoops123 it’s a fun one isn’t it!

@Mr-plane-guy1 thanks! Maybe you’re right 🤫

@Suhas the scenery of Australia is some of the best in the world!

@TheFlyingGuy1 Thanks! The A350 is so great


The A350 and the sunset were both amazing! And yeah that name is something else. It’s a tongue twister too, and it’s one of my favorite questions I’ve ever had

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I was doing this exact same route until a minute ago when my app crashed.

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Nice photos, I think 5 is the best! Always love flying over Australia, they have amazing scenery down under

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wow this looks great even the sun set

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I feel like I haven’t seen your posts in awhile… maybe just me, great as always.

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I remember talking to you about waking up super early yesterday lol
Hope you had a nice flight and great pictures as always!

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Definitely. I don’t even know where to start with it ;)

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@Kevin_Potthast that’s happened to me before too, it sucks, doesn’t it

@Lud_d thanks! Australia is super fun to fly over, the scenery never gets old

@Zach_inkling the sunset was amazing!

@Sashaz55 hmmm, I’ve been posting every other day 🤔

@Luke_Sta yeah the 2:30 wake up call 😂