A Cloudy Afternoon in India to a Sunset on the San Francisco Bay


First of all, @ran this flight is for you 😉. I don’t know how you convinced me that easily to fly a 14 hour flight, but you did. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to fly Delhi to San Fran for the Past month or so, but I was apprehensive to try it after my phone crashed on the flight from Hong Kong to New York. So on Thursday, I flew Delhi to San Francisco Air India and United both fly this flight and I decided to use the Air India 777-200LR because I use the 787 A LOT. I woke up at 5:30 AM before school to land my flight from Hyderabad to London and around 6AM (EST) I took off from Delhi. I thought this would be an all daylight flight, but the sun set over China and didn’t rise until we were Over the North Pole. I didn’t realize this would happen until I went into replay mode. Flight time was 14 hours and 34 minutes

Flight Details

Delhi to San Francisco
Air India 173 Heavy
Boeing 777-200LR

🇮🇳 • 🇺🇸

Climbing out of Delhi on a cloudy afternoon Flying over the Himalayan Mountains as the sun drifts toward the West After a sunset over China, and a sunrise over the North Pole we cruise just off the west coast of Alaska’s panhandle Over the Spring Mountains just north of the Canadian City of Vancouver I found a way to include Mount Rainier, so here I am flying over Seattle with the amazing amount Rainier in the background Above the brown mountains of Callahan, California as the sun begins to set for the second time The approach into San Francisco is amazing as we overfly the airport at 10,000 feet before circling down to approach runway 28L Putting the gear down in the rising moon Touching down as the sun sets in San Francisco At the gate next to @Speedyyy in his Cessna and @Key after his flight from Newark

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

I decided to give an easy question today, so
Which of these famous people was born in San Mateo, a part of San Francisco?

  • Tom Brady
  • Donald Trump
  • Jacob Daniel

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I’ll see you guys soon!


That tuch down… Wow


It was nice seeing someone fly that wonderful Air India livery. Great pictures!


Haha technically in the real world you can’t fly over the Himalayan mountains because the change in air pressure is too fast, you will pop.
But don’t worry, whenever I fly this route I always go over the mountains just for the views.


Loving them pictures! This is the real deal :)

My likes limit is out right now, but once it’s back, I’m definitely going to like this topic (totally not biased)!


Nice photos! Liking that Vancouver pic!


Flew the same route with the United dreamliner the other day! Must’ve been about 4 hours ahead of you though. Glad to see someone flew along with me :)


”NorCal Arrival Good evening“ Wow! Some stunning shots (and really though to choose a favourite outside shot with that many great options). Thanks for sharing!


Amazing pictures! Obviously San Francisco is the best airport ;)

I actually got a picture of the Air India 77L departing San Francisco a while ago!


@LeonardIF18 oh it was butter

@Key it’s a really cool and underused livery, and it was fun seeing you at SFO!

@Jack_Q I actually didn’t know that, I’ll blame fpltoif.com for giving me the flight plan 😂. And no wonder the irl flights take 15 hours and I only took 14:30 even though I cruised REALLLLLY SLOWLLYY

Thanks! @ran and thanks for the suggestion, it was a really fun flight to fly

@ILOVE7879-2.0 thank you! I love flying around Vancouver, it’s amazing

@Ayush_Mathur I hope you had a good flight! I would’ve rushed the 787 with United but I fly the 787 a lot, it was a lot of fun though, definitely one of my favorite flights of that length


Thanks as always Julian! Flying the realistic approach into SFO from the North over the City is amazing and is probably my favorite “non-terrain” approach in the world. I’m always going to fly it on international flights to SFO


It’s one of my favorite airports in the country! And great photo, the 777-200LR is a giant plane. Short but stubby


Nice pics as always @NoahM! I actually flew this route in IF (lol i’ve flown almost every ULH/LH route you can think of i challenge thee), but the opposite way and over the top of greenland. Took me a little over 17, it was from @GlobalFlyer1’s SFO event, the first event I ever attended.


Love the moon shot


The landing was great. nice pics

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Always some beautiful pictures!!

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wow bro great pics. Also that united airlines plane looks good besides Air India. Great work Kudos to your effort.

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Awesome pictures!

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@Suhas was that back in October? If it was I think I was there and I flew to Phoenix!

Thanks! @Pertonics @United2

@Kevinsoto1502 thank you Kevin!

Thank you! @MJMN it was funny to se whim in San Francisco after he landed from Newark

Thanks! @Siddhansh


wow so beautiful, I wish they had the 777 wing flex, it would be better

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