A Close Call by Lebanon

I was thinking of doing a flight which I could fly with the new Colgan air callsign so I did a BGR-EWR Flight with Q400 but I decided to do something experimental which is in this topic


KBGR-KEWR (Divert to KLEB)
De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400

Preparing a flight to EWR before Colgan air ceased operations 4 days later

Did a steep takeoff while @AndrewWu and @GlobalFlyer1 waits for takeoff


Suddenly a Cabin depressurization happened and we were set to Divert to Lebanon or Manchester but we go for Lebanon anyway

Cleared to land

When I wasn’t pay attention during night I accidentally went too low and almost hit a mountain by 30 feet or more


Landed safe and with a close call (by mistake) and take off to EWR days later

Anyway this is fictional so nothing really happened so I did some story for today


I used PS express for photo editing, Lens distortation for the landing lights, and snapseed for captions

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Awesome! I was just wondering. :)

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Good shots! Do you use the passenger app with emergency options?

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Uhhh… United Q400… in… Lebanon? 😂

Nice pics 👍

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Yea also ive seen a Private 737 there before, and we dont have a SAAB 340 (which colgan air also used)

I think he means Lebanon the country.

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@Alec it’s not the Lebanon in the Middle East

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Sometimes People confused with Lebanon airport in America which is KLEB and Lebanon airport which is called Beirut but I did use BGR which is American

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I was really confused by the title and then the first pic being a United Q400 XD Transatlantic Q400 flights to Beirut being launched by United soon 😂😬

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@MADCAT sadly no since I haven’t use it for like 4 months
@W_LL can’t imagine sitting like 11-12 hours in a small turboprop