A Close Call At Lugano

I wanted to try out the approach at Lugano in a CRJ-1000, and you all should be able to guess how that turned out. Even though the landing was bad I managed to get some decent pictures.

Flight Details

Aircraft: CRJ-1000
Route: LFLL -> LSZA
Flight Time: 0:55


A little warm for my taste, but great photos! I love the mountains!

Glad you didn’t overrun, that was close. 😬

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So Dreamy… I love those photos

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I’d suggest trying a short hop across the Alps in a DHC-8 from Zurich to Lugano. I flew it a short time back and was a lot of fun!


great pictures, but to me, the pictures are a little over edited. luckily there was no overrun!😂

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That was a close call indeed

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I really loved those edits, can feel the warmth out there. Made me feel the IF graphics real. Keep it up!!

Remember, you can always go around.

Thank was close and great photos

I was planning to go around, but I was way below minimums. If I tried to I would have probably hit a mountain.😅

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