A Clear Sunrise in the German Capital of Bavaria to A Busy Day in the Gateway City


Howdy! This is my first screenshots post where I post more than one shot, so please, if you have any constructive criticism, don’t be afraid to tell me what I can fix. Right now, because of COVID-19, the route that I flew is operated by a Airbus A340-600, but I used an A350 because that’s what the route is operated by on a normal basis. I had wheels up at around 6 AM Munich Time (9:30 AM Halifax Time), and I landed in Newark at around 9 AM (6:00 Halifax Time) local time. Our total flight time was 8 hours and 26 minutes. Thanks to IFATC for the great Air Traffic Controlling at Newark. Big thanks to @NoahM for letting me use his screenshot template.

Flight Details

Munich to Newark Liberty
Expert Server

Beginning our takeoff roll on Munich’s Runway 26R.

Putting the gear up for our long transatlantic journey.

A passenger’s view as we pass over Frankfurt am Main.

Cruising about halfway across the atlantic, nearing Canadian airspace.

Turning final on runway 04L at Newark.

A shot of the A350 with the city that never sleeps in the backdrop.

Kissing our gear onto the pavement in a foggy Newark.

Please, let me know if there is anything that I can fix with my photos.

What is the name of the underground railroad in Munich?

  • Untergrundbahn
  • Stadtschnellbahn
  • Vagabundieren

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350 points for picture 5 :)

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Thank you!

Amazing Pictures! I love these so much!

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wow! amazing pics

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Lovely pictures
I like the s bahn trains better

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Yaaaayy ! Cool pictures :) I am from Bavaria and it‘s called Untergrundbahn but we also call it U-Bahn :)

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Ich habe an Straße und nicht Bahn gedacht und irgendwie klang das alles komisch😂
U-Bahn kenne ich aber😂

Short translation: Just joking with @anon99275236 that I selected the wrong answer as a German

😂achso ok ja ich dachte mir schon so … wie heißt es dann außerhalb Bayerns 😅
Untergrundschnellelektrobahn ?

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Gosh, I hope nobody picked Vagabundieren. That means “Homeless” or “Vagrant” person. 😂

Wenn ich das wüsste… Wir sagen immer U-Bahn oder halt trotz des Tunnels Straßenbahn🙃

Also really cool pictures @Pingu! Stunning plane + livery. Thanks for sharing!

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Ja also wir sagen U-Bahn zur Bahn die unten fährt und Straßenbahn nur zur Bahn die oben fährt ach egal über was reden wir gerade eigentlich 😂😂

(no likes left …)

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Self-Isolation Themen😂👍

And back on topic, sorry everyone! ;)

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The U line and the S line. Stadtshnellbahn is the above ground train.

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That would be correct.

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Nice! Thanks I wasn’t 100% certain lol

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Holy mother of guacamole. I love the pictures keep up the amazing work.

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Thanks for the kind words!

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Uhhh… yeah, it is.

Love it! Understanding, though, how it took days to edit for some superb work!

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