A Clear Sky in the US-Mexico Border to a Sunset in the Way More than Mile High City


So I still don’t know how to start these, but the other day I wanted to fly into Mexico City (it was when it was featured last week). I was originally flight to fly in from JFK or Los Angeles in the Aeromexico 787, but I fly and post the 787 A LOT. And I decided to go for something a little bit different instead of my usual 787 boring flights. Last week when I made my Denver to San Francisco post not many people apparently knew that the 757 is my favorite aircraft, but it is. I love flying it but it’s just awful in Infinite Flight. We really need people to vote for the 757 Rework before it’s too late. Many airlines are retiring them in the next few years, Aeromexico actually retired theirs in 2006, a year after I was born, it’ll be too late before we know it so we need to get some attention for the rework. Anyway, I took off around 6 PM EST, 3 o clock on the West Coast, so that my arrival in Mexico City would be at sunset, which it was. Flight time was 2 hours and 38 minutes

Flight Plan and Details

Aeromexico 643
Boeing 757-200
Cruising altitude 45,000 feet

Rotating off of Tijuana’s single runway just south of the U.S., Mexico border Putting the gear up in front of the brown mountains of northern Mexico Turning to the Southeast with a good view of San Diego just a couple miles away over the border Cruising at 45,000 feet high above the mountains of Mexico Flying over the Gulf of California with great views of Turquoise water, and white sand, something I’ve really only seem in the Middle East (hint for a post in a few days) Turning toward the runway in Mexico City as the moon and sun trade places in the sky Putting the gear down as we approach Mexico City’s runway at almost 8,000 feet above Sea level On final approach as a Rouge A319 taxies in from Toronto and a British Airways 747 taxies out for its return to London Touching down in La Ciudad de México! Taxiing to the gate as the two undoubtedly hardest planes to land in the game roll by

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Which of these Mexican airports is busier than Tijuana?

  • Elqueso
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Guadalajara

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I’ll see you guys tomorrow with Los Angeles to Aspen!


The poll though…


Dallas Fort Worth… 😂


Elqueso… the cheese…


Nice pics! That livery… uhh
Nice poll, the answer is obviously Dallas.
Also I’m kinda early…

Grammar 100

I feel like I know what will happen if I click this but I’m going to anyways

Wow! Didn’t know that. Why so long ago?

EDIT: I didn’t get rickrolled by the 757 link. Slightly disappointed…

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Nice pics, but that FL450 would’ve left the pax a little short on gasp oxygen gasp (757-200 service altitude is FL420) 😂


The 757 is quite underused during Online even though it needs a rework badly

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Wait why did you cruise at 45,000 haha


The 757’s physics are horrible. At normal cruising altitudes, the nose has to pitch down to be able to hold the set altitude. The only ways to get a nose-up cruise is to fly at high altitudes like that, or you can set your cruise speed to M0.74-75 at FL340-370. (That’s what I do)


*sees mile high city. Thinks of Denver because it’s the mile high city.
But nope nope it’s México


Did you go to get some avocados in the (not as good) mile high city? Denver is still supreme lol

Nice shots as always Noah, glad to see the 757 getting some love 🙂


Not really a fan of retro/metal liveries… Anyway, great pictures and with the moon being so present in the moment that must be my favourite for the day. Thanks for sharing!

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Love the moonshot. Nice photos can’t wait for tomorrow.

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@Altaria55 shhhhhh it’s a secret maybe Dallas moves to Mexico, and I definitely didn’t combine The Cheese into one word

@Suhas always finding my mistakes 😫

But yeah, surprising they were retired so long ago, and actually not a rick roll

@HiFlyer actually what @KennedyTurner said is exactly what u thought, my airspeed was low so it actually looked somewhat realistic! I’m going to do it again lol

@GameBoy_KIRB it’s my favorite aircraft! It’s just awful in IF

@den.aviation yeah Denver is high, but Mexico City is HIGHHHHH

@Luke_Sta thanks Luke! Denver may be supreme, but not as high as Mexico City ;)
And you know I love the 757 ❤️

@JulianB thanks Julian! I’m not a fan of Silver liveries at all either, but I decided to try it, it’s pretty ugly tbh lol

@Pertonics thanks a lot! They’ll be good ;)


Beautiful pictures! Love the moonshoot :)

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Anyway, those are some beautiful pictures! I loooooove the west coast of México.

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Very nice!!!

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