A Clear Sky in the Silicon Valley to a Beautiful Hawaiian Sunset


So I decided to fly out of San Jose just because I’ve had San Francisco and Oakland posts recently and i needed to fly out of San Jose because if I didn’t, @BigBert10 may get upset with me 😂. I decided to fly to Hawaii and if I’m flying to Hawaii, You can bet your life that I’m flying to Kona. I’ve flown this route and made a post before, but that was with Southwest. So I decided to use the Alaska 737-900 which they use in real life. I took off from San Jose around 3:15 so my landing was timed with the sunset in Kona. I’ve actually never been to Hawaii at sunset (Although I have in real life 😉). So it was a really fun flight. Flight time was 4 hours and 39 minutes.

Flight Details

San Jose to Kona
Alaska 149
Boeing 737-900

Putting the gear up as we climb out of San Jose Banking to the Southwest as we follow San Jose’s Tecky 3 departure Crossing the California coast Just north of the Monterey Peninsula After 4 hours of blue we get the first view of the Big Island through the cockpit window Descending into Kona we fly over Maui ando
get a good view of the other Hawaiian islands Back over the Big Island as we pass above the town of Waimea, where I want to live when I get older Putting the gear down in the setting sun Approaching runway 17 in front of the volcano of Hualalai The gear shine in the sunset sky as we touchdown in Kona!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Which of these famous companies is headquartered in San Jose?

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung

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The answer to the last question was white, which 25% of people got right


I cant, You always make me have hard decision

How about all of them is that count?

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Holy cow man these photos are stunningggg!

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Apple is headquartered in Cupertino ;)


Once again a great topic! This livery looks like it’s glowing!

Best sunset picture of the topic in my opinion!

And probably my favourite day picture of the topic!

Very well done once again, thanks for sharing!


Very nice! Love the 739 and the Alaska livery! Keep it up!😀

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Thanks for flying from San Jose! 😃

I will be flying between the 2 airports irl on Southwest in a month from now! 😃


MY guy!! those are awesome pictures

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@LeonardIF18 that’s fine with me! If they’re all good, you don’t need to have a favorite :) 😂

@Speedyyy thanks a lot Caleb!

Thanks like always! @JulianB Sunsets a re great and I love the Alaska livery so that really works, and that’s the same with the gear up photo. The livery is so clean!

@KindaTartySliceOfPie thanks! The 739 is my favorite variant and the Alaska livery is my favorite on the plane!

@ILOVE7879-2.0 thanks a lot man! :)

@BigBert10 you’re gonna love the big island! It’s a lot of fun



So that is a teeny tiny problem I ran into. The correct answer was NOT supposed to be Apple. The correct answer was supposed to be Samsung. But then I remembered they’re from Seoul. It turns out, I misinterpreted a Wikipedia article. So there really is no correct answer to the question. Because theyre all wrong 😂🤦‍♂️


Wow! Love it! The editing makes the Alaskan livery pop. Although the last few pics are the best with the sunset and the mountains!

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Thank you! I live the Alaska livery and it looks so great in the sunset

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Yeah so my goal was to have everyone get it wrong and fool them with Apple, but I guess because there is no right answer, I succeeded 😂


Yep, Apple is here… I’m surrounded by Apple’s offices everywhere. In fact, the Apple Spaceship building (Apple Park) is quite close by. I guess I like the city of San Francisco more in general…

Nice pictures! @BigBert10’s lucky day today, but @NoahM, I beg you, please have a flight from Delhi or Bengaluru… Those airports to me are like KSJC to Bigbert10 and KSFO to GlobalFlyer1!

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Wait did someone say spaceship building??

(From FL390)


Yep, that’s the one… :)

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Of course I HAD to get this shot for @BigBert10 when I fortuitously woke up just prior to crossing the coast. There was a magnificent full moon the night we flew. I sent these all to him, but-other than my friends out there, anything relating to KSJC makes me think of Bert!

What flight were you on

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HA90/PHNL-KBOS, I sent these to you via dm 😂

At that point in the flight we had been given direct from CINNY on R465-> DTA which gave us a little wider view as we passed further south of the Bay Area than our original FPL called for. The original plan called for us to go CINNY->LIN->DTA. Instead, ATC gave us a more direct routing and I got to get some awesome shots for Bert!!!

Arrow shows the FPL route, the KML overlay is our actual route

LIN is the Linden VOR just a touch southeast of Sacramento and DTA is the Delta VOR south of KSLC

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Hmm, for some reason I didn’t see the DM

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