A Clear Sky in the Mile High City to a Morning in Yosemite National Park


Last weekend I was really in the mood to fly the CRJ 700 or 900, not the 200 because it’s super ugly. I have no idea why I wanted to fly the CRJ because I don’t even know how to take off smoothly, let alone land smoothly. I decided to fly Denver to Mammoth Yosemite. The United CRJ-700 is used in real life for this flight. Yosemite is a really fun airport being at almost 8,000 feet MSL. United Express (SkyWest) fly to MMH from LAX, SFO, and Denver. I flew in from Denver and continued to San Francisco, so you may see that portion of the flight another time. Flight time was 1 hour 56 minutes

Flight Details

Denver to Mammoth Lakes
SkyWest 5643

Rotating out of Denver on a Clear March Morning
Putting the gear up as we blast toward the Rocky Mountains Climbing out over downtown Denver The brown and bland deserts of Fillmore, Utah Battling the JetStream over the town of Ely, Nevada Starting to descend toward Yosemite as the brown ground turns to mountain Putting the gear down as we hug the mountain line of Yosemite National Park On final approaching Yosemite’s very narrow runway Touching down as the fog rolls in!
Parked at the stand prepping for our trip to the bay city

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Yosemite is known for being the birthplace of what sport?

  • Skiing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Bobsledding

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The answer to the last question was French!


Probably my guess wasn’t too right the last time then…

Anyways back on topic: Great pictures of an aircraft, which I wished would have a Live Cockpit. Really an agile and interesting aircraft!

Also once again fantastic pictures of this special looking bird with the tail engines! Even though I really love the wing view, I have to go with the great cockpit view of the narrow runway and stunning scenery of the destination airport as my favourite today:

As always, thanks for sharing!

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Wow @NoahM looked like an enjoyable flight!


Thanks! The CRJ has an awesome cockpit and adding live instruments would be the icing on the cake! It’s fun to fly because of its versatility and how it can fly into small and narrow airports like this one. Even though I can’t land it to save my life.

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It was a lot of fun to fly!!!

Always great to fly to such places!

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Yes it is! I want to find more airports like this one that are so tiny and isolated. MMH actually doesn’t even have a control tower!

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Great pics. really like the narrow runway at Yosemite. As a member of UVAL this is now on my bucket list

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Hope you enjoyed coming to Denver! Tag me when ever you fly in or out of this great airport :)

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This is much smaller then the airports I fly to commercially. Insane!

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@United2 you definitely should! The flight only takes 20-30 minutes from Los Angeles or San Francisco

@Luke_Sta Okay! I’ll do that whenever I have a Denver post