A Clear Sky In a Busy Toronto to a Stunning Approach Through the Spring Mountains


So Again, I have no clue how to start besides saying that yesterday, as I’m sure you know Toronto and Vancouver we’re both open being the major airports in Canada. I decided to fly the classic Canadian route of Toronto to Vancouver that Air Canada and WestJet fly many time per day, I flew this using the Air Canada 787-9 that is used in real life and it was a fun codeshare route for @AmericanVirtual. The views were pretty boring until we got to Calgary, but when we did the Canadian Rockies were absolutely stunning all the way until we landed in Vancouver. Flight time was 4 hours and 41 minutes

Flight Details

Toronto to Vancouver
Air Canada 119 Heavy
Air Canada Boeing 787-9

Rotating off of the Runway in Toronto as a regional Dash 8 taxies to the gate
Putting the gear up as we blast into the Canadian sky The surprisingly cool views above the Great Lakes and Lake Michigan After about 2 and a half hours of flying the first views of the Canadian Rockies appear The bluest Lake I’ve ever seen as we cruise above Fraser Valley in British Columbia Starting to descend through the Spring Mountains just outside of Vancouver

Putting the gear down following a Japan Air 787 from Tokyo On final approach as @Jack_Q waits to takeoff for his flight ultra long haul down to Auckland Seconds away from Jack watching me butter on runway 8L
At the gate next to 3 other planes with 3 of the most famous logos in the world!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Which of these famous food dishes was created in Vancouver?

  • Cheese Nachos
  • California Roll Sushi
  • Deep Dish Pizza

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The answer to the last question was Imperial Airways!


Nice! If you’re still looking for feedback;

the colors are over-saturated in my opinion, especially the blues.

Nonetheless great job!


Last time I was This EarlY…

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Dang it I’m second…
Anyways, nice pics. They are a tiny bit “whoa” saturated, but it’s not bad. Just a tiiny bit. The toothpaste tube looks nice in these pictures. I’ve actually never flown that route, but I did fly YVR-DEL in the TT (toothpaste tube), which I highly reccomend… it’s quite scenic ;)

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speliing 100

edit: spelling 1000^^

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Very nice picture!

I know the answer to the trivia question because I used it as trivia for my YVR flyout

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Great pictures! Well done!

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@AlphaSeven thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to lower the blues next time

@Suhas thanks! I’ll try not to oversaturate next time, especially with the toothpaste blue livery

Thank you! @Robertine and @snoman


Nice Phots!

Btw why are people picking that deep dish was made in Vancouver?🤦🏻‍♂️
That was made in New York

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Love that last picture. But yeah I do agree with the others a bit over-saturated. But you still can take way better pictures then I can.

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Nice pictures, but when did American Airlines have a partnership with Air Canada?

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Nice photos!

Btw did you take off from runway 23/05? Just wondering because I used to go planespotting a lot when I lived in Toronto and Heavies would always take of from that runway

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They actually don’t, AAVA has some codeshares that aren’t in real life, such as Air Canada🙂


Once again, just like always, you have some awesome photos, @NoahM! Love the tail photo and the Canadian Rockies!

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Air Canada 😍. The airline with the most beautiful logo ever, the maple leaf 🍁.

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Canada! And Vancouver 🤩

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@MJP_27 thanks! I don’t know either 🤫 😂

@Pertonics thanks for the feedback! I’m going to try to tone down the saturation since that seems to be the problem:D

@ran yep! Just like @Speedyyy said, AAVA has a codeshare with ACVA

@Infinite_Flight_Sims thanks! And yes I did takeoff of runway 23!

@Butter_Boi thanks! The mountains were stunning and the maple leaf tail looks really good!

@ILOVE7879-2.0 @Philippe_Gilbert Air Canada has the best logo! It fits so well with Canada


I keep missing these…
Amazing job!

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Sorry I forgot to respond! I guess I just missed your comment, thanks a lot tho!!

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