A Clear Night in the Spanish Capital of the World to a Blue Sky in the City of Gold


So this was a flight where I wanted to do an overnighter but I couldn’t figure out which to do. I wanted to either fly a 787 or an A350 so I searched around a little on FlightRadar24 and found this flight. Madrid, Spain to Bogota, Colombia. This is a really busy flight connecting two major Spanish cities across the Atlantic with 5 to 6 flights per day, now less due to a little thing you’ve probably heard of called Coronavirus. The airlines that fly it are Iberia, Air Europa and Avianca. I decided to use Avianca because their 787 livery is hot, and because they use Avianca 11 as the callsign, and I love low numbered callsigns. So at 10:30 PM last night, I made the decision to fly it. I woke up as the sun was rising over the Caribbean and followed the RNav Z approach into runway 31L. It was a really fun approach that I’ll put in the Flight Details box. Flight time was 9 hours and 11 minutes.

Flight Details

Madrid to Bogota
Avianca 11 Heavy
Boeing 787-8


🇪🇸 • 🇨🇴

Lifting out of Madrid beneath the clear night sky Flying southwest across the deserts of Spain Crossing the Portuguese, Atlantic Coast The sun rises as we approach the Caribbean at 36,000 feet Above the islands of Saint Martin (Left) and Anguilla (Right) Flying over Venezuela as the sun bounces off the mountains below The brown mountains of the Andes as we start to descend toward Bogota The scenery and mountains turn green as we follow the RNAV ZULU approach into runway 31L Putting the gear down beneath the blue sky and full moon as we start our tight base turn into Bogota Touching down in Colombia on a clear morning!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Madrid is the 2nd busiest route from Bogota with 878,000 passengers annual, what route has more passengers?

  • Bogota to Miami
  • Bogota to Lima
  • Bogota to Buenos Aires

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The answer to the last question was Peachtree which 79% got correct!


Last time I was this early, c-

Nice pics :)

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Oh my- WOW!


Really nice pics as always!


Wow awesome!


I love getting to see your screenshots from all your flights.


Close to Porto if I am not wrong, right?

Incredible picture! Once again a really well made topic. Thanks for sharing!

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Again I still don’t know how to get the moons as detailed as that all I See is a white circle. Anyways those pictures are really nice, here is a cookie🍪

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@Altaria55 wont be happy with this…, nice pictures though.
But do @Altaria55 a favor and don’t fly with Avianca over Venezuelan airspace

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Nice flight! It’s too bad you didn’t fly from Munich. You’d have been able to show a bit of the Alps.

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Correct. Avianca strictly prohibits all AV flights from flying over Venezuelan airspace due to a dispute and the Venezuelan Air Force intercepting an aircraft flying this route.


Ah! They are so lovely! I love the sun reflecting of the white paint! Those mountains also looked fabulous as well!😀

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Love all the pics + the editing! I flew into Bogota recently, and it does have some cool approaches! Love the mountains in pic 7… Good livery choice!!

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@Suhas last time you were this early … 😉

Thank you @GPilot118 and @Sashaz55!

@reer104 I have a lot of flights to post! :D

@Kimble_Ettelt you may be looking at the sun 👀

@Infinite_Qantas oop… we’ll blame fpltoif.com

@Philippe_Gilbert that’s a good idea for a flight some time! I love the Alps

@Altaria55 that’s good to know for the future, thanks! I want to fly in South America more

@KindaTartySliceOfPie the Andes and the Alps are stunning! And that livery is amazing

@Mr-plane-guy1 thanks! It was my 2nd time flying into Bogota and it was really fun! The mountains were so cool


Thanks Julian! We were a little south of Porto when we crossed the coast I believe. And it took a while tog at that photo, but It was my favorite, if you could have a thumbnail for a post, that would be it for me :D

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@NoahM Amazing edits especially with the contrast of the landing lights, almost makes em want to fly the 787 on IF again but the A350 is such a beautiful aircraft. Either way, beautiful pictures, can’t wait to see more edits!!!

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Fantastic area, thanks!

I can imagine this, but it is well wort the efforts, looks just great!

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Thank you! I was deciding between the A350 and 787 because they’re my favorite aircraft in IF. And I’m posting every day or two and I’ll have extra time not being in school for a few weeek!

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@NoahM yep same here no school, but great edits by you!!!

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idk why but that picture with those landing lights reflecting of the fuselage looks so good!!!

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