A Clear Morning in Tokyo to a sunset on the Australian Outback


I’m going to start this by saying that, yes I know I have a lot of Sunrise and Sunset posts, but I don’t change the time, if I fly at sunrise, the post will be at sunrise. I don’t change the time because I feel like if I change the time, the post is fake. Anyways a few nights ago I flew Tokyo to Perth. I took off at 8:15 PM for me and woke up at 5:30 the next morning to land, which is as the sun was setting in Perth. ANA flies this route in real life with the 787-8, but we only have the 78X in game so I used it. Flight time was 9 hours and 35 minutes.

Flight Details

Tokyo to Perth
Boeing 787-10


Rotating out of Narita as a Philippines A350 taxies after landing from Manilla

Climbing out as we fly South over Tokyo

Flying by Mt Fuji, a cultural, physical, and spiritual Japanese symbol

I never use this angle, but this photo was too cool to leave out. We fly over the active stratovolcano of Sakurajima, it sits on its own island which is translated to Cherry Blossom Island. Sakurajima is the most active volcano in Japan and actually erupted in November of last year
The tropical, blue islands of the Philippine Sea Overflying the volcanoes of Indonesia as we fly Southwest Crossing the North Coast over the Australian Outback as the sun starts to set in the West Descending through the Orange sunlight of the flat, Australian plains Putting the gear down as we approach Perth Touching down just before sunset in Perth!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

What is Perth’s biggest export?

  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Spices

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The answer to yesterday’s question was KLM and Avianca which 93% of people got right!



Nice photos!


WOW, So beautiful @NoahM you are one of the best!

First one

almost tailstrike, LOL


Oh dear, they’re beautiful as always 🤯
Keep up the great work mate


Those are beautiful shots - keep it up!


Amazing shots! I love them all!

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Woah! These are some of your best I think. That first pic with the two prettiest aircraft is great! I always zoom in on the wing view, always seems too far out on most aircraft, so happy to see you doing it here. That volcano is stunning! Sunset arrival is cool too


Thanks a lot @Lud_d!

It means a lot if you think I’m one of the best!

And yeah, not going to lie it was ALMOST a tail strike, I was trying to do a steep takeoff of because the photos of the gear going up look better with a steep photo, but I’d didnt even use that photo 😂
So I just had an almost tail strike for nothing

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Thank you!!! I’ll try to keep them coming with good quality :)

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Thanks a lot @Captain_Cobb and @BennyBoy
I’ll try to keep the quality up 😀

Thanks as always 😉

This is one of my favorite posts too because I’ve only ever flown to Perth once before this (now twice because as I’m typing this in flying Perth to London) and I used a lot of angles I don’t use often, especially that volcano one which is my personal favorite

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Stunning photos! 🔥
The last one is my favourite!

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Nice pics! Unique way of always describing the weather in the topic. Awesome!

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Your pics are always perfect! I love the angles on them. You also always pick great routes!


Thanks! Sunsets never disappoint:)


Thank you! I try to make my pictures different from everybody elses

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Thanks! I’m happy the angles look good because I used some new ones, and I put A lot of work into finding good routes so I’m happy it paid off

I am late…

But what a great topic! And this is just a fantastic picture:

One of the best posts yet, great work!
Thanks for sharing!

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Better late than never 🤪

Jk, thanks a lot!

And that’s one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken so that’s why I posted it even though I’ve never used that angle before. It was @Helmethead style :)

And the volcano kind of looks like it’s erupting doesn’t it?