A Clear Day Departure | E-170

Hey IFC! Today I flew from John Wayne/Orange County to Las Vegas McCarran with the E-Jet. #reworktheE-Jets!
I decided to go simple with one picture instead of the typical 10. This route is done in real life using the E-175, but we don’t have Delta’s livery for that variant. So here is the flight info for today:

Server: Expert
Airline/Aircraft: Delta Connection E-170
Flight Time: 59 minutes

A clear day departure from Orange County, California

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And if you want the E-Jet Family to get reworked next go ahead and vote for it here!


Nice photo.

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Thank you!

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Great too Jacob!

Have you ever not flown out of KSNA?


Nice shot! The E-170 is so cute lol

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Rarely lol
Every departure has cool views, approaches are fun and interesting along with landing and taking off. So yeah, it’s a great airport 😂

Lol thanks
I used like a quarter of the runway to takeoff 😂

I’m out of likes, so here’s a thumbs up


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The SNA departure is a fun one with the steep takeoff and then cutting power!! Cool Shot!!

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Yes it is one of a kind! And thanks!

That plane is such a workhorse for regional routes on the west coast! Nice shot! Looks like a fun flight!

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Yes we don’t have many CRJs out here lol