A classic oldie

I remember well when the Boeing 767-300 was added to this fine simulator in 2012. It was the very first aircraft that I purchased. Considering this aircraft is a mere 10 years old since being added, it is an absolute relic. I still fly it every now and then, the downside about this aircraft is that it still carries the traits from the pre-global & live days. The flaps deploy and retract fast and the wonky flight performances linger. However, I had no bothers flying it since then. Hopefully however, soon this one will be reworked.

For today’s flight, It was Delta 1104 from JFK to LAS. This one is normally flown with a 757-200. But I decided to take the 767 for a run. A glamorous arrival shot at LAS with a centerline touchdown is the featured photo!

Photo taken on the expert server. Edits with Adobe Lightroom.


Beautiful picture, I feel like the 767 is really easy to butter in the sim because of the bad physics.


Simple words and Oldie but a goodie!!! 🤩🤩🤩


Truly an amazing aircraft


such a wonderful aircraft! Too bad it hasn’t been reworked yet…

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one of my favorite aircraft of alllll time!!!

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and easy to take off without flaps


Love delta airlines

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The fact this sentence manages to compliment and roast the plane at the same time is hilarious 😂