A Circle Slider to Change Wind Direction

Hello IFC users,

I came up with something pretty interesting to choose wind direction when in the pause menu.

To this day, wind direction is a horizontal slider with the direction indicated.

However, I think a circle would allow for better visualization of where the wind comes from. It could be an arrow that would point to where the wind is going. I made a screenshot edit to “show” what it could look like:

The red arrow could be pilot chosen and WV, wind velocity could be shown on the left or right of the circle.

Even though this is not Urgent, it could be cool to have a fairly new Weather UI.


Would the arrow be in relation to your aircraft’s heading or would it always be 0/360º at the top?


Always 0/360° basically North being up, South being down and so on

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Cool idea! I may give this a vote, seeing as I don’t really know where the wind is always coming from when I change the direction of it

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Exactly what this feature would solve 😉

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Would also be cool to show how the aircraft is facing in heading, to show where the wind will hit the aircraft if your looking for a crosswind or headwind on landing.

I support this topic but don’t have any votes for it.

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Yes surely should help!

I think this is cool little idea. Sadly haven’t got any spare votes right now, but I support this.

Also, don’t forget to vote for your own feature….😀

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I should indeed but I don’t have any votes left and as I said this feature is not urgent… But let me see if I can clear something out

Just voted! Turns out I had a free vote, nice :)

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This would be great, especially if you could do it in top of the map to see the direction compared to for example an airport.

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Great idea!

Yes also this feature would go along with a possibility to change weather without going into the pause menu and maybe just change the weather on the map

Thank you sir 🙏

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Bumping this topic!

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Bumping again! I think this is a really good idea!

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