A choice between aircraft and airlines

Ever wondered 🤔 “what airplanes does Thai Airways have in IF?”
or ever tried to fly with Air France and had to go through the aircraft list to find the livery?

What if that could change? Thats what I’m wonderin right now.

What ifs are not rare, especially not in IF (ironic, i know), but to cut to the chase:

What if there were two drop down menus.

One just like the one IF has right now. A list of airplanes, in alphabetical order.

But would it be possible to have another tab next to it saying "Airlines "

When you go to that tab, it gives you a list of airlines that you can click on.
Then, just like we have in the menu now, it shows you a list of aircraft in that airline’s livery.

It would be a wuick reference of “I’d like to fly BA today”, so i go to their airline tab that select an aircraft in their livery from the list below.

To not have it too cluttered, you could add a “misc” one with airlines that aren’t that famous or popular.

Jets and other private airplanes could just stay in the airplane column.

Does that make sense at all? It did in my head. :)

Anyway, lots of tailwind and happy flying :)


I didn’t realize this needed something to be voted on.

Just move it to wherever needed :)

@Jan has a database of what you’re looking for

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Not looking for a data base per se.
Just an in game option to add an airline section in addition to the normal aircraft selection.

So imstead of the normal airplane column, have another tab and on there you can pick an airline.

Saves me the hazzle of checking out the data base or just randomly going through the list.

Also gets rid of the database. Probably takes a lot of time and effort and little thanks for him

I understand, however this is the best equivalent of what you are looking for. I agree it would be nice to have in-app though

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Thank you :)