A Chilly Day At Denver International @ KDEN

Denver International Airport invited me to go spotting on the field, and of course, I could not turn down the opportunity!

Here are some of the top shots from the day so far!

First up is a United Evo E175 arriving from Durango @DeerCrusher I know you miss this beauty!

A United Evo B772ER arriving from KIAD.

A cute little CRJ-200 is arriving from I don’t know where. (I didn’t look at the departure airport.)

A B772ER preparing to grease a landing on 35R

An Air Canada A223 is sitting pretty on a hardstand.

The same Air Canada A223 but with a tail shot!

A Lufthansa pulling into its gate after a long flight from Munich

A Lufthansa A343 preparing for its flight back to Frankfurt

British Airways is also preparing to head back across the pond to London Heathrow!

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Wow the first 3 are new for me! I love them!

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Thank you so much!


Denver invited you to what?

I think you meant butter a landing on 35R.


It’s cool the airport invited you to the field KIND invited me one time but I couldn’t go :(

Amazing photos!

To go spotting on the airfield and take pictures of planes up close.

I was practically inside the Air Canada A223 wheel well up front!

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@thenewpilot It is 10000% grease, not butter

@A10f4ang I was surprised when I got the invite!

@Jay_s_Infinite_aviat Thank you so much!


Haha yes enhanced wingtips @AvioesEJogos

nyuk nyuk nyuk

In all seriousness, these are great pictures.

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🙄 🤢

Sick shots!

NGL, I legitimately thought the first 3 pictures were from Infinite Flight


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