A Change of Scenery | Spotting @KDEN 5/16/20 PART 1

Hello everyone!
As we all know, spending a lot of time at home is oftentimes very boring. Luckily, I was able to get a bit of a break and drive the 3 hours to Denver. While I was there, I wanted to make sure to take out some time to do some spotting! Despite driving down late that Friday night, I was still excited to get up early and head out to the Final Approach market area/spotting location next to runway 25 at DEN. I also decided to head to the west side parking garages as well. I was also super excited to be spotting with a friend named Caleb (@flemingo.aviation on Instagram) and we made sure to stay 6 feet apart for the most part. Anyways, here are some of the photos I took from last week. There will be a part 2 to this topic sometime in the following weeks!

Delta Airlines Airbus A220 (N109DU) taxiing after landing from Seattle: (next 3 pictures)

Close up shot:

N109DU at gate A28:

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-8H4 (N8310C) from Phoenix:

Key Lime Air Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner III (N425MA) to Montrose:

United Airlines Embraer 175 (N608UX) to Albuquerque:

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 (N8555Z) to Los Angeles:

United Airlines Airbus A319 (N844UA) to Las Vegas:

United Airlines CRJ-700 (N789SK) to Santa Ana, CA:

United Airlines Airbus A320 (N439UA) to Seattle:

All photos were taken with my Canon Rebel T6 (75-300mm lens)

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Be sure to check out my Instagram! You can view more photos taken by me here: 👇

Here is Caleb’s Instagram, you can see his shots here:

Thank you for viewing my photos! If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions, I would love to hear them! Also, comment your favorite below! Stay safe and healthy everyone!




ayy I reconize the first spot

Nice photos! I hope you enjoyed the best airport in the world :)


sees A220 = likes


@Luke_Sta I really did enjoy my time out there! Im hoping to go out and spot again this summer!

@Tsumia and @anon99275236 I’m glad you like the A220 shots!




I’m sure you noticed the Tyler tilt in the last one ;-)

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Needs more tilt Miss you guys btw


Lol. We can’t wait to have you back!

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It may be a while but I cant wait to be back. I am also going spotting Thursday at DEN.

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Fun! It will probably be a while before I go spotting again. However there is a flyover tomorrow so I will be out early for that!

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Very nice pics! Wish I could go spotting at Dublin, but sadly there is a 5km restriction on where you can leave your house and Dublin would be ten times that.:(

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Yeah that sucks. Hopefully you can go spotting soon!

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Thanks! I’ve actually just posted a Pre-COVID spotting topic there

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Dude…these are crisp. U got hella talent keep it up I NEED to see more

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Thank you so much! If you have Instagram you can follow me to see photos from all of my past spotting trips! 😉

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Those Delta A220 shots are absolutely stunning! Great work mate!

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Breathtaking pictures you took right there, A220 looked amazing

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I love the last one so much!

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Thank you guys so much!

@Luke_King-kong, @den.aviation has a lot of shots just like that one if you want to see more!