A Change in the Requirements for High Altitude Plane Spotting

Hello, IFC,

I would like to propose a change in the requirements needed for high altitude plane spotting.

Some time ago, I posted my first High Altitude spotting topic and people were against the photos because some didn’t meet the Spotting requirements. This would sound normal… But… High altitude spotting is much more challenging, requires a good zoom, stability, good lighting, etc…

I am asking for the requirements to be changed because it’s impossible to see the registration because you’re seeing the underbelly and other requirements that are extremely hard to meet.
What do you think?

Credit: Me
As you can see here, this is a pretty good High Altitude photo, yet it does not meet most of the requirements in the spotting category…

Since you can’t vote, here is a poll:

  • Yes, please change them
  • It’s OK like this
  • Who cares about high altitude plane spotting?

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Thank You!


What do you think?

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I don’t actually think that many people were picking a serious bone with the reg, there are plenty of fantastic photos of the nose, etc, whare the reg isn’t visible, I think the quality was the bigger problem…


I think a second spotting category may be in order.

Definitely not, it’s plane spotting, Spotting is Spotting, high altitude, or from the terminal. If you’re taking photos of planes it’s all in the same category…


I’m sure with no rego It should be fine as long as the photo doesn’t look like it’s been taken with a potato.


The registration number is A6-EUE. Even from the bottom, you can see the reg. On almost all airliners, the reg is also on the bottom of a wing.


Personally, its an issue of quality. I get not everyone has a chance to go spotting at an airport, but it feels really out of place to have these amazing shots of landing aircraft, and then you have a topic with some grainy pictures of a CRJ at FL360. It just doesnt make sense to compare these 2 things and try to adapt rules that work for both of them, because they are in almost no way similar.

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Use FR24 to find the Registration.

hi Infinite Flight

how much feet is this emirates A380

but has the infinite flight change to a new version

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