A Change From Normal Spotting!

Wassup IFC! So, a few days ago I got some takeout food and took it to my local airport to do some GA spotting! Now, GA spotting doesn’t get a lot of attention so I thought I’ll post a topic and not to mention the lighting was fantastic.
The airport I go to frequently is KDVT (Deer Valley) and the airport features multiple flight schools and some private jets. The airport could handle a 757 but the biggest plane that goes there is a E175. There is also a small terminal with some history of the airport and a restaurant with seating above that has amazing views of all the action.

Anyway let’s get to it!

Starting off with a C208 Grand Caravan just vibin in the heat.

Then a Cessna 172 doing patterns into the sunset

Then a Cirrus SR22 decides to hop into some patterns

Tower shot! (Fun fact: I’ve actually gotten a tour of DVT tower and it was really cool)

Tiny Piper Archer ready for an evening cruise

Stop, checklist time!

Another shot of the SR22

And finally, a way over exposed shot of the Caravan and sunset.

I know GA isn’t that interesting but I decided to give it a go.
Please leave your thoughts below and see y’all next time!



Nice shots! Some spotting in the evening in a desert 😍!

Yes! Doesn’t get much better! Except if it was less than 100 degrees of course


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