A Challenging Approach @NZQN - 280530ZMAR20

Kia Ora IFC! Today we are taking to the skies of NZ and trying one of the most difficult approaches in the world at Queenstown (NZQN)

Flight Specifics

Aircraft and Livery: a320 Air New Zealand Or Jetstar


Time of Departure: 2020-03-28T05:30:00Z

Server: Expert

Estimated flight time - 1:30 to 2:00 hours

Route Will Be Provided On Ground

Come along if you can!

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Oh yes can i come and join?

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Of course, I’m already spawned in at NZAA so feel free to arrive now

I’d love to join but it’s time for me to go to bed.

I’d be glad to fly with you another time though!

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Um can you tell me the details pls

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That’s all good (thanks for letting me get out of the mess that would have insued)

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Like what? Everyone important in there do you mean flight details?

If so
Cruise altitude is FL320, Cruise Speed Mach .79.

my callsign will be NZ88

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Ok, can’t wait to see you there

ive been waititng for this type of flight im glad I joined’

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spawning rn next to u on the right

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Lufthansa livery? Air NZ and Jetstar plz

sry wrong livery forgot to change

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Haha rip that’s ok

in fact ill use the same livery as urs

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what will be the VS

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there is something wrong with ur fpl, ur fpl is going to HECA

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ur fpl is fine now

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Kool! Feel free to spawn in now

2500 up to 32000