A challenge for anyone

I have a challenge, try land a Cessna 208 at TNCS, Carribean in 0 visibility and maximum crosswind (I recommend you do this on solo) why is this so hard you might be asking? The runway is only 100ft long, one of the worlds most dangerous airports.
In case you’re wondering, yes it is possible to takeoff in an A380 & B747 with no weight, impossible to land.


It’s actually 1312 feet long. Still short. But Twin Otters land here often


This is a complete lie. Both planes require at least 7000ft (might not be the exact number) for the takeoff roll.

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Nope, try it for yourself, I have successfully taken off in both planes with no weight


I can takeoff a 787 before reaching the 1000’ markers if I want. Is it realistic or safe, no. He was saying it’s possible disregarding safety.


Nope, I can get them out and land them. I won’t tell you how

The 747 is easy to rotate with no weight. High lift over a large wing in ideal conditions, will perhaps give you a 100m rotation. The a380 is harder

And no. I get the 747 out of little hands, 59ca and much, much shorter runways

You have to do this on solo. You can’t adjust weather conditions on live to your liking.

I already knew that…

You didn’t really imply that … [quote=“Darth_Sidious, post:1, topic:119444”]
(I recommend you do this on solo)

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