A Caribbean Landing

Background Information:
I wanted to try out some new airports, but challenging or interesting one, so of course, I chose Princess Juliana International Airport on the island of Saint Martin in beautiful Caribbean Airlines for the Boeing 737-800.
Hope you enjoy!!

Boring details

Server: Solo Flight
Plane: Boeing 737-800
Route: Approach for TNCM (totally didn’t spawn in on approach)

First up:

On approach from the beach before the blastpad^^

On approach as well, just from the runway^^

And we have touchdown. A bit rought at -200-ish fpm^^

This turned out better than expected^^

Off-centered but it was solo flight, so who really cares? :^


Nice nice nice , let’s get it

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Amazing shot on the second one!!!

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Boeing BoingDetails

I don’t think you’ve flown the Ryanair 737

Jokes aside, nice work!

I have not. Delta almost all the time (and butter mostly) and LOT. Thanks though.

Wait no I did fly the Ryanair before. Maybe got -100 to -200 fpm. I know, unrealistic

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