A career in ATC

Decided to post this out here because I’m thinking of entering the aviation field by becoming an Air Traffic Controller.

For those that are currently working as one, any websites/ guides you can offer to help me learn?
For those that are Canadian, how is it like working under NAVCanada?



I’m out of sources for them, but I’m glad you’ve decided to take part in the ATC Field. I recommend doing ATC work on Infinte Flight, and maybe even becoming apart of the IFATC. This might help you in the real world for basic commands. Hope you pursue a career this amazing field!

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There are a few controllers on our community, well just one that I can think of and one that used to be a controller.
Im talking about @Tyler_Shelton and @THE-OP ;)
Tyler works as an Air Traffic Controller for the USAF in an air base, while OP is a former controller. I suggest seaking there guidance ;).

Good luck, and hope you make it very far in your career that you wish to pursue!


Thanks so much for all your inputs!
@MrAlaska @Chief305 @Rowdy_Kepler

I just submitted my application through IFATS, hopefully it goes through.

I do hope that this post will someday be read again by a younger fellow who wants to become an Air Traffic Controller!


Sounds like a Plan I hope you enjoy IFATS :)

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I assume you live in Canada since you’re asking about NAVcanada?

In that case I don’t have anything to really offer you in regards to becoming ATC. It is an extremely competitive career to get into, but once you’re in you won’t ever want to do anything else.

I miss the heck out of controlling but like what I do now because I hated the hours with a passion. I have two children and one thing I want to be able to do is take them to school and pick them up on a regular basis.

ATC is a very rewarding career with many job satisfaction benifits.

If you have any specific questions about training, lifestyle and what it takes mentally and physically I could offer you some insight. Just don’t know much about how to enter ATC in Canada.


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