A Canadian depature from Brazil

I’m bored already waiting for April 1st so I can prenk, so I’ll post this picture.

Anyways, just a depature from SBGR to Toronto in the B772. Now go and find another way to see the details :)

That’s all!



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Great shot! I really like the new Air Canada livery, it’s so sleek!

btw that’s a 77L

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Im quite aware 'bout that. ;)

Thank you :D

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I love the new American Airlines livery! that’s an A350-1000, right? Nice picture!!


Damn, how can you remove the fakeness? Thank you anyways

Is that a 77L leaving kelowna?


Jokes aside, great shots! Should I be scared for April 1st? 😳

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I know you’re not asking me, but yes.

If you like to… that’s your life. I’ll make a hallowmas story tho.

Thank you btw :)

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Hope it gets reworked

Alright folks, back on topic please, thank you and enjoy the screenshot.

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